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Good things are similar, bad things have their own disadvantages. The reason why classic chairs are classic may be that they are easy to use and comfortable

1. Barcelona chair

modernist architect Mies · The chair designed by van der Rohe, also known as Barcelona chair, was designed by designer Mies at the 1929 Barcelona World Expo to welcome the king and queen of Spain and coordinated with the famous German Pavilion. This oversized chair also clearly shows its noble and solemn identity. The German Pavilion of the World Expo was Mies' masterpiece, but because of the unique design idea of the building, there was no suitable furniture to match it, so he had to specially design Barcelona chairs to meet the king and queen

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designed by Sergio Barrios Rivera, a famous American designer, the regular Brown traditional single and double sofa combination has a thick shape. When you are in it, all parts of your body will be moderately supported, with excellent comfort, which brings different temperament to your home. This sofa inherits the essence of European and American minimalism and conforms to the artistic taste of modern urbanites in pursuit of simplicity and elegance. Coupled with its classic color, the whole sofa is very classy. The design of large opening cow leather makes the temperament and maturity of the whole sofa easily show

3. Box full of cushions

modernist architect Le · Chair designed by Corbusier. Called "e; A box full of cushions " The exterior of the chair is made of high-grade leather cushion, and the interior is filled with high elastic sponge. Coupled with the support of high-grade nylon belt, the reclining chair designed by Corbusier is more elastic. The high-grade stainless steel tube makes the chair body, and the curved stainless steel tube shows the beauty of the chair's lines. Coupled with the mirror polishing treatment, it shows the gorgeous of the chair. The stainless steel frame is filled with full leather soft bags, which is the perfect combination of soft and rigid materials

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4. Aeron chair

1994, the most classic ergonomic chair in history was born, which won the Fira ergonomics Excellence Award and sold well, Known as "the healthiest and most comfortable work seat in human history.

aeron is the most photographed chair in American movies, such as the big bang theory.

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