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Entering the model room, bright, warm, tonal, furniture, it is simply perfect. Model houses now seem to have become the most intuitive image spokesperson for the sale of houses, attracting a large number of home buyers

when you enter the sample room, your net is in the king's board. It's bright, warm, tonal and furniture. It's perfect. The model house Shili Zhuli prevents you from coming. Now it seems to be the most intuitive image of the house. You, you and Muli are the spokesperson for the sale of the wooden house, which is quite attractive to many home buyers. However, you must not let the model house be confused. If you decide to buy a house after seeing the model house, it's too hasty. Don't think what kind of model house you see and what kind of house you buy in the future

the role of model houses is obvious for a real estate. As the model house is the Pearl signboard of the real estate developer, the developer is no longer defending me. I cherish using heavy money to introduce the latest imported materials and customize the supporting furniture to create a beautiful model house like fangye. The decoration cost of the general model room is 30% to 50% of the real estate price. In other words, if a wooden bead main house with 300000 yuan is built, the decoration cost of the plank house in Xiangmo Tuli will be 90000 to 150000 yuan. The effect of such cost of decoration is also obvious. There are really many secrets in it, and we can't do it in home decoration

secret 1: multiple light sources

when we enter the model room, we will see a lot of lights in it. There are 3 or 4 spotlights in the room on the roof in this aisle alone. No wonder you feel bright as soon as you enter the door

Designer: the light in the sample board room plays a great role. If it is a white wall, it will appear that the room is large. If it is a colored wall, you can also pay attention to the wooden force here. Is there any light in the hallway that hits you up? If you use the net room bead net, it will appear that the house is very high

in fact, where is the design industry? Our owners make full use of the effect of light, such as the porch, the roof of the house, and the kitchen and bathroom are all equipped with many spotlights, which looks spacious and bright. But a light bulb costs at least 10 yuan. In this way, a light bulb like this aisle light bulb costs hundreds of yuan, and this set of model house roughly has more than 30 lights. Such a net wood can be said to be difficult to do in the design of ordinary family decoration. Because we don't need to turn on so many lights at all when we check in, and the electricity cost of so many lights is also very large

secret 2: small furniture

when some people look at the model house, it seems that what they pay attention to is not the house, but the furniture. If you pay a little attention, you can see that the furniture placed in the model room should be small, and the necessary cabinets for general families should be avoided. Many developers try not to use them in the model room; More emphasis is placed on the color harmony and novelty of the furniture itself, which strengthens the overall effect of the interior

Designer: the furniture in the model room is generally more modern and concise. It's not as thick as domestic furniture. It's relatively small, which can highlight the sense of space, but it's generally expensive, which is not affordable for ordinary families

secret 3: no pipelines

generally, for the sake of improving the decoration effect, the main board room will not be equipped with water, gas and other pipeline lines, because there is no need to consider the water supply and drainage in the model room, and there will be no bulky pearls in the room, such as the upper and lower pipes and pipelines of the main pearls. Therefore, the living room of the model room, especially the kitchen and bathroom, looks very bright. Some air conditioners are also decorations, so there is no need to pierce the wall. In existing houses, it's different. Those cast iron pipes are often ruthlessly in front of you. For example, whether the position of the water pipe connector and the switch in the room is appropriate, whether there is an electric plug, a water pipe, a floor drain, etc. in the washing machine, we need to spend a lot of effort to make some appropriate adjustments and covers, so that the room looks more orderly and spacious

it seems that our Master Wang skillfully uses various scientific principles such as optics, physics and perspective to give people the illusion that the room will be spacious and bright. Moreover, the model room is built by the designer from the beginning to the end. The interior style of furniture, the color of curtains, even a vase and a picture should be experienced by the main business network. Therefore, the style of the main building will be refreshing and different. In fact, for people who buy houses, the model zhumoli house is just a three-dimensional map. In the future, what is your home like? What is your home like? It depends on you to calmly look at it, carefully ask him, and objectively think, one by one, what do you want him to build. So what should we look at without looking at the decoration of the sample plank house

before we figure out this problem, let's make clear the classification of model houses. One is the "entity" model room built in the existing house, which is what we usually call the decoration room in Zhuzhou. For this kind of model room, my lord usually enters the house according to the standards of the house and soil I delivered. He has built some simple decoration and decoration. In this way, in the main earth net house, we can intuitively see the structure of the house and the final decoration of the main net house, When the house is finally handed over, I can buy the model house directly to consumers; There is also a "creative" model house with fine decoration, which is generally equipped with exquisite furniture, beautiful lighting and gorgeous sanitary ware. After comparison, you are in Tushan. After the house is built, it will be demolished together with the sales office, so it looks very exquisite and fashionable, but it is a kind of business behavior from Tushan after all, and may eventually be different from the real house, It is often difficult to compare and verify many things after they are removed. There are few regrets and troubles in the housing industry that makes consumers more. Then what should I think of the two model houses of my other house and Internet king

how to look at the "solid building" model house in the Pearl earth building defense house of the current construction industry

when looking at the "solid" model house built in the earth, we should focus on the big issues such as the house type, area, orientation and so on. At the same time, this kind of house itself, Wang Zhu's online quality and advantages and disadvantages, because it is not covered by too much decoration, but also built in the existing house, so it can be clearly revealed at a glance. As for the exquisite decoration in the model room, you'd better take it as a reference for your own house decoration in the future

in addition, when looking at "entity" model houses, some consumers often come to have such confusion. In order to attract buyers, some developers use almost all good workmanship, good materials, high-end kitchen and bathroom appliances on the model houses, but the actual houses may not be like this. Other houses may even be inferior to your royal land, just in case they are far away from your land. What should we do at this time

lawyer: in order to change this situation, Article 31 of the measures for the administration of commercial housing sales stipulates that if the real estate development enterprise sales commodity network sets up a model house when the other house comes, it should explain whether the quality, equipment and decoration of the actually delivered commercial house are consistent with the model house. If there is no explanation about the construction, the actual delivered commercial housing shall be consistent with the model housing. This is the real estate developers put forward higher requirements. For example, the faucet in the model house uses a built-in faucet, but it is made in China at the time of delivery. When the consumer builds a wooden net, the net operator has the right to ask the developer to compensate for the bead or replace the same net equipment used in the model house

therefore, when looking at this kind of entity model house, we should also pay attention to whether the furniture, kitchen and bathroom, even the mirror, faucet, etc. are imported or domestic anti soil, what brand, and whether the most anti soil will be consistent with the delivered house, and it should be clearly stated in the contract, which can be relied on when the king of the anti soil inspection industry accepts his construction

if our Lord comes, how can you see the creative model house with fine decoration?

speaking of the skills of seeing the "creative" model house with fine decoration, you only need to grasp three words to build a house. "Look, ask, measure"

1. Look: when looking at the model room, ask the sales staff to turn off all the lights and experience whether the natural light and sunshine of Zhuli industry in each part of the room are sufficient

2. Ask: which equipment should be available at the time of delivery, which are complimentary, and which are included in the house price; Also, ask about the utilization rate of the house. What model houses let buyers see is only the internal area of the house, while the size of elevators, public corridors and stairs is often ignored. Different building types and different house types will have different rates of using me. Therefore, for the same area, it is cost-effective to use the housing with high soil rate in the Fangli net

3. Measurement: it's best to measure the length, width and height of the model house in his house with a meter ruler to verify whether the area of the model house network is the same as that of the house for sale, or convert the area of the house with the number of floor tiles in the room. In short, it's not just about believing in vision

lawyer: the "commitment" of the model room is not a part of the contract. It can only be understood as a kind of propaganda, and has no legal binding effect. However, if the commitment is signed into the supplementary agreement, it will have the same legal effect. As a buyer, the most important thing is to specify the main contents of the model house display in the purchase contract

so when we look at the model house of our owner tulai, we must be like the owner you Zhufang mentioned by the lawyer just now. You should implement all the above-mentioned in the pen and sign in the contract





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