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Cloakroom is a popular decoration method in recent years. This kind of furniture has special storage, storage, dressing and dressing space. It is because of these advantages that they are deeply loved by young people. Now let's introduce how to prevent dust in the open cloakroom and recommend maintenance methods for the cloakroom

how to prevent dust in the open cloakroom

1. Tidy the cloakroom regularly. The open cloakroom is open in design. If there are no more drawers in the design, the clothes are all hung outside. In this way, the space is too large to look messy, which will affect the cleanliness of the room. Therefore, we must regularly tidy the open cloakroom, and at the same time, we can set more drawers and small cabinets to store things in the design, This approach is still very good

2. In the process of use, it is best to place some moisture-proof agent in the open cloakroom. You should know that this cloakroom is open, so it is not closed. Such a design is easy to damp clothes, so pay attention to moisture resistance in daily life, so as to avoid moth eaten and moldy phenomena in wet seasons. There is also a moisture-proof method. You can put some moisture-proof agents in the cloakroom. This effect is also very good

3. Pay attention to dust prevention. Open cloakroom is a kind of cloakroom that is not completely closed. It can be said that the dust prevention effect of this kind of wardrobe is very poor, so dust prevention is the key attention of open cloakroom. In order to prevent dust, you can consider using dust covers to hang clothes, or using boxes to stack clothes

recommended maintenance methods in the cloakroom

1. Stay away from corrosive liquids

many things in daily life are corrosive substances, such as sprinkling essence, banana water, gasoline, Tianna water, nail polish, etc. you must pay attention to them when using them at ordinary times, and you must prevent the surface of the cabinet from contacting these corrosive liquids

2. Place moisture-proof agent

the open cloakroom is also the most vulnerable to moisture intrusion, so you can put some moisture-proof agent inside. At the same time, when using, you should pay attention to avoiding moth eaten and moldy phenomena in wet seasons, and pay special attention to moisture resistance as usual

3. Be careful in the placement of the cloakroom

when using the cloakroom cabinet, it must be placed in a balanced way. At the same time, it must not be placed in a place with high temperature, violent vibration, humidity or direct sunlight. It must be well ventilated indoors

summary: This is about how to prevent dust in the open cloakroom and the recommended maintenance methods of the cloakroom. At present, the open cloakroom is a kind of furniture that is popular with young people, but when maintaining it, we should still pay attention to some details, so as not to affect its use




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