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According to the analysis, 80% of enterprises deployed unified communication in 2012. With the maturity of unified communication, unified communication pays more attention to practical development and how to promote the development of the company's business. To successfully utilize unified communications, the key is that leaders, it managers and network planners understand the value of UC (Unified Communications) and use UC to improve market competitiveness

uc appears in order to eliminate the communication barriers of traditional communication methods. Voice, e-mail, Im and video conference are separated from each other. If there is an IT network that can integrate these applications and use a device to simplify the process and improve efficiency, it can effectively improve the market competitiveness

in addition to integrating communication channels, including internal and external communication, UC also provides a way to integrate enterprise applications. Gartner said that this through ultrasonic vibration grinding process combines the material removal mechanism of diamond grinding and the composite grinding processing technology with ultrasonic processing characteristics as cebp (Communications enabled business processes). By 2012, 80% of leading enterprises will adopt cebps to enhance their competitiveness

uc's greatest value lies in reducing redundant processes within the enterprise and enhancing the market flexibility of the enterprise. For example, if cebps can reduce the repair time to judge whether the shoelace is qualified, the time saved by the engineer and the value created after the resumption of production can greatly reduce the delay time and create more value

gartner concludes that UC mainly has three functional modules:

UC terminal for personal end: including PDAs and other types of devices. These devices provide voice, Im, information and business applications. Information shows personal status or shares information. UC tends to support individuals or help improve personal productivity. For example, rich status (showing the effectiveness of individuals, which channels can be used to contact me, Im, video) promotes the development of personal productivity, because it simplifies the workflow. In addition, when applied to other aspects, it can enhance collaboration and enterprise wide

unified communication of the working group supports collaboration and team efforts. Unified communication can accelerate the speed of problem handling, accelerate the communication response of the team, and improve the application of business rules

the UC integration departments of enterprises apply business processes and work processes. For example, bank customers and credit card holders send out requests for overdraft, but the bank finds that the transaction is abnormal, which may have great security risks. These systems can make a notice by themselves, and use the unified communication system to contact the cardholder to confirm the information, so as to save a valuable customer, The non tensile test is a simple method to test the mechanical properties of plastic packaging materials. It is also an important indicator to assess the weight of plastic bucket packaging materials. It simply tells you to give up this transaction, which improves the service and reduces customer complaints

market evolution

the unified communication system is a complex system, including VoIP devices, email, audio, web conferencing, video conferencing, voice mail, and IM software, all of which eventually move towards integration. However, each system has its own development path. For example, voice, video, and web conferencing gradually cover the im field, and Im also gradually adds voice, video, and other functions

not all architectures are the same. For example, Microsoft and IBM pay more attention to e-mail and web conferences, while Avaya, Siemens, Cisco, Alcatel and Nortel unified communication solutions are mainly based on voice products. Since each manufacturer does not have all unified communication elements, new cooperative relations have emerged. For example, Microsoft and Nortel have established an innovative communication alliance, and Cisco and IBM have also established a strong cooperative relationship. These manufacturers have a competitive relationship in one or more fields. In the unified communication field, they provide full value for customers, and the manufacturers with competitive relationships come together

the complex UC system and the lack of industry experience mean that enterprises have to plan carefully to meet their needs and also to avoid failure. What is the best implementation method? When unified communication is implemented, it focuses on the UC subsystem, that is, on a single function, to ensure that unified communication is integrated into the plan, stakeholders participate in the planning, and provide a large number of user training to guide user trial operation, and then summarize the construction and implementation experience, so as to finally promote the development of unified communication. 51CTO

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