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The strategic transformation of rainbow's new industry has achieved success

recently, the liquid crystal glass substrate projects of rainbow Co., Ltd. (600707) in Zhangjiagang and Hefei both held the furnace ignition ceremony as scheduled, indicating that the company's liquid crystal glass substrate industry is about to enter the era of large-scale production. At the ignition ceremony, xingdaoqin, general manager of Caihong group and chairman of Caihong Electronics (0438. HK) and Caihong shares (600707), said in an exclusive interview with China Securities Journal that Caihong group is accelerating the transformation from traditional CRT color kinescope to three major industries, including display device industry, component material industry and Optoelectronics related industry. At present, the business prospects and benefits of various industries under the group have begun to appear

expand the voice of the glass substrate industry

China Securities Journal: how is the transformation process of rainbow group to new flat panel display devices? Xingdaoqin: with the R & D and production experience in the field of CRT, rainbow group has arranged TFT-LCD liquid crystal glass substrate business in advance. After years of R & D, it has a large number of independent intellectual property rights and production experience. In january2007, the first generation 5 LCD glass substrate production line in China was started, and on September 8th, 2008, the leading generation 5 LCD glass substrate in China was successfully produced. After two years of technology research and development and production practice, continuous innovation and improvement have been made, and the comprehensive yield has been rising. At present, new composite wires can replace metal materials to reach the world-class production technology level

China Securities Journal: after the group company injected the glass substrate project into the listed company Rainbow shares, how is the current progress of the glass substrate project

xingdaoqin: the production yield of rainbow phase I glass substrate project has stabilized at the international first-class level, making rainbow's liquid crystal glass manufacturing technology a popular one in the world. In July, 2009, rainbow Co., Ltd. invested and built 12 glass substrate production lines in Xianyang, Shaanxi, Hefei, Anhui and Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu. The company raised 3.5 billion yuan through non-public offering, which has been fully invested in project construction

at present, the investment projects in various regions are progressing smoothly. The first tank furnace of Zhangjiagang liquid crystal glass substrate project was successfully ignited on September 28, and the first six generation liquid crystal glass substrate project in China was successfully ignited in Hefei on October 11. The first tank furnace of phase II of Xianyang liquid crystal glass substrate project will also be ignited in early November. The liquid crystal glass substrate of rainbow group will enter the stage of mass production and sales

at the same time, in order to meet the needs of high-generation TFT-LCD panels as soon as possible, rainbow TFT-LCD glass substrate 8. The generation 5 test line has been started in Zhangjiagang and is expected to complete the trial production of the product early next year

China Securities Journal: according to the company's disclosure, rainbow shares 8. There is a very promising OLED project that needs to prompt for the registration code or authorization code to run the software. Can you briefly introduce this situation

xingdaoqin: the first phase of rainbow OLED project has achieved success. Caihong Foshan tablet company, which was invested and established in early 2009, produced the first OLED module product of its own brand on April 19 this year. At present, the daily output of the module line has reached more than 1700 pieces, the yield has reached 97%, and the products have successfully entered the market, with a cumulative sales of 8. 80000 tablets

on July 15, rainbow group and Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province re signed an agreement to build two 4-way roads by stages. Generation 5 am OLED production line. Rainbow Group has become the chairman unit of Guangdong OLED Industry Alliance in the Ministry of industry and information technology and Guangdong Province joint construction project of Guangdong OLED industry base

China Securities Journal: Recently, Rainbow Electronics, a Hong Kong listed company under rainbow group, reduced its shareholding of some A-share listed companies in the sh/t0202 ⑼ 2 extreme pressure grease performance measurement method (4 ball machine method). What is the group's position on Rainbow Electronics and what is its motivation for reducing its shareholding

xingdaoqin: Rainbow Electronics is the controlling shareholder of rainbow Co., Ltd. its original main business was to produce supporting parts and materials for CRT display devices. In recent years, it has also been impacted by the development of flat panel display devices and is constantly seeking strategic transformation. The company's current strategic transformation focuses on the development of high-end luminous materials, electronic glass and metal components

the production and sales of Rainbow Electronic photovoltaic glass in phase I are booming. In order to better seize the market opportunity, Rainbow electronic is accelerating its efforts to promote the construction progress of phase II, III and IV of photovoltaic glass, and to supplement the project start-up funds by reducing its 1% stake in a shares. Of course, the reduction of Rainbow Electronic holdings is only a simple financial behavior, but also a short-term behavior. Rainbow Electronics will also increase its A-share holdings at an appropriate time according to the development needs, continue to support the development of rainbow shares, firmly grasp the dominant power of rainbow shares, and repay the majority of shareholders with better and sustainable excellent performance

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