Accuracy class of the hottest bearing

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Bearing accuracy grade

the accuracy of rolling bearings is divided into (main) dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy. The accuracy grade has been standardized and divided into six grades: grade 0, grade 6x, grade 6, grade 5, grade 4 and grade 2. It saves natural resources

the accuracy is improved from level 0, which is sufficient for general purposes. However, when used in the conditions or occasions shown in Table 1, the accuracy of level 5 or higher is required

For them, although the accuracy levels above

are based on ISO standards, their titles are different in national standards

dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and Housing installation)

1. Allowable deviation of inner diameter, outer diameter, width and assembly width

2. Allowable deviation of inner and outer compound diameter of roller set

3. Allowable limit value of chamfer size

4. Allowable variation of width

rotation accuracy (items related to rotating body runout)

1. Allowable radial and axial runout of inner and outer rings

2 Allowable lateral runout of inner ring

3, allowable variation of outer diameter surface inclination

4, allowable variation of thrust bearing raceway thickness

5 Allowable deviation and allowable variation of tapered hole

bearing type and applicable accuracy grade

bearing form applicable standard applicable accuracy grade

deep groove ball bearing gb3070 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade 2

angular contact ball bearing 0 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade 2

self aligning ball bearing 0 grade

cylindrical roller bearing 0 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade 2

tapered roller bearing metric series (single row) gb3070 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4

metric series (double row and four row) sb/t grade

British series sb/co/t1089class4 class2class3class0class00

self aligning roller bearing gb3070 grade

thrust ball bearing 0 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade

thrust self-aligning roller bearing 0 grade

gb/t30794 divides the bearing grade into gedcb. ISO, JIS and other standards are compared as follows:

standard accuracy






selection of accuracy

performance requirements use case applicable accuracy level

the placing body is required to have high jumping precision sound, imaging machine spindle (video recorder, tape recorder)

radar Parabolic antenna spindle

machine tool spindle

electronic computer, disk spindle

aluminum foil roll neck

multi-stage rolling mill support bearing


p5, P4, P2, abec9

p5, P pay attention to whether the elongation of materials exceeds 10004%, P2, abec9



high speed rotary supercharger

jet engine spindles Auxiliary machine

centrifugal separator

liquefied natural gas pump

turbine molecular pump spindle, protective bearing

machine tool spindle

tensioner P5, p4

p5, p4

p5, p4

p5, p4

p5, P4, P2, abec9

p5, p4

p>p>3. friction and friction change required Small control machine (synchronous motor, servo motor, gyro gimbal) with replaceable pendulum blade

measuring instrument

machine tool spindle P4, abma7p


p5, P4, P2, abec9

general precision small motor, gear transmission device, cam transmission device, generator, low induction synchronous servo motor, pressure rotor, printer, copier, detection instrument P0, P6

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