A preliminary study on the design method of large-

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Conceive the plot of the exhibition -- a preliminary study on the design method of large-scale exhibition

large-scale exhibition is one of the important means to convey and exchange information in modern society. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the exhibition, the business information injected by enterprises is also doubling. The future development direction of large-scale Guangdong yizhimi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is multi-material system exhibition, excluding the displayed competitive strength, The publicity effect can be divided into: room temperature fatigue experiment, low temperature fatigue experiment, high temperature fatigue experiment, thermal fatigue experiment, corrosion fatigue experiment, touch fatigue experiment, fretting wear fatigue experiment and so on, which are often unforgettable to customers. For designers, large-scale display presents an unusual challenge, because the experience gained from ordinary display design is not applicable here

in the production process of materializing the design of large-scale exhibition and finally achieving the best effect, there are many similarities with films and dramas. Just as films or dramas have storylines, the story content and expression method of the exhibition are determined according to the purpose and intention of enterprises participating in the exhibition. Wallasock's team has prepared larger pieces of graphene materials, which is the plot of the exhibition. From the overall planning of relevant exhibition venues to the specific idea of a certain point of interest, this plot should be used as a unified element throughout

at the initial stage of the display design, that is, at the beginning of the design, we must conceive the general frame of the display plot. With the progress of the design operation and the investigation and understanding of the information provided by the enterprise, we should also decide the content of each theme of the display plot at the end of the basic design. Therefore, the display design is influenced by the display plot from beginning to end

how to establish a framework for showing the plot is the key to the display design, which determines the direction of the design. The design idea must be based on a certain theme. In the initial stage of basic skill design, we must first understand and discuss what information the enterprise wants to convey to visitors, so as to determine the major theme and style of the exhibition. A good exhibition theme must be able to directly express the exhibition content, and create a special exhibition atmosphere to effectively attract customers to achieve the purpose of publicity and sales. Secondly, it is necessary to divide the small themes that complement the big theme, as well as various related projects. These contents should not only obey the overall style, but also have their own unique ideas, which can become wonderful local points. These highlights coordinate with the overall style to become a bar frame to show the plot, just like the plot in movies and dramas. From this point of view, consider the space planning of the site and the arrangement of the modeling structure, and start the basic design

in addition to the display intention of each item, the relationship between the small topics is also the focus of the discussion. The connection formed by the relationship between the small topics is also closely related to the style of the display space

once the frame of the plot is decided, the information content of each item constituting each theme must be discussed, but it must be discussed based on the overall style and viewpoint of the theme, and the key points of the display must be established, the display areas and spatial and structural relationships should be divided, and various modeling details should be stipulated. These are summarized to show the plot

the business information conveyed in the exhibition design should eventually be implemented in various display media, such as models, images, charts, samples, etc. The distribution of all these display media must also be determined according to the content of the display plot. We should focus on the display of important themes, and the use of innovative media to show the display focus can often get unexpected results. Develop rich imagination to create all kinds of novel publicity media, discuss and choose specific schemes to make these ideas feasible, which not only ensures that they meet the limitations of the exhibition venue, but also have a unified style with the same theme, and are included in the display plot

the basic design scheme and implementation plan should be rewritten as the specific design and production operations proceed. Especially in the implementation stage of the design, the details of the design and the information content launched here have been finalized one by one, but sometimes the design must be modified because of the changes in site conditions and information materials. In this case, the origin of return is often to show the plot, so showing the plot is a very important key in large-scale display design

display design is to create publicity effects and sales environment, not just artistic design. Its artistry is far less than commerciality. In a sense, it is the expansion and extension of enterprise commodities. The amount of business information and quality injected into large-scale display design directly affect the success of enterprises' participation. Designing and displaying the plot can make designers perfect and accurately grasp all the information of enterprises and commodities, so as to help exhibitors seize market opportunities and establish a good image

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