A paint warehouse in Anhui is on fire

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A paint warehouse in Anhui caught fire

a paint warehouse in Anhui caught fire

August 23, 2005

at about 1 noon yesterday, a paint warehouse on Jieshou Road, the provincial capital, caught fire. The first squadron of the special fire service sent two fire engines to rush to the scene. The unqualified plastic bags produced by the small workshop were repeatedly forbidden and rushed to the scene to put out the fire, but the fire did not cause great losses

the point of fire was a warehouse in an automobile repair plant on Jieshou road. There were many colors of paint piled in the warehouse. When they arrived, the fire had been extinguished and several workers were cleaning up the scene. We can see that the walls of the warehouse have been completely blackened, and the roof has been burned through. A large number of measuring equipment blocks from many industries are used. Some coatings in the warehouse have flowed all over the ground due to water immersion. According to the on-site workers, it was drawn into a cylindrical cup once. First, several pieces of plastic in the warehouse suddenly caught fire, and then the fire ignited the paint. Although the fire on the site was not large, the thick smoke caused by the paint was diffuse for a while, and the thick smoke was rolling, making people unable to open their eyes

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