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Application of oscillograph - the world's communication network depends on accurate testing tools

it is not easy to ensure that the communication network worldwide works at peak efficiency. There are billions of communication lines worldwide, from Alaska in the United States to Zanzibar in Tanzania. Because the current data stream is inserted into the voice signal, making full use of the available bandwidth, today's lines carry more information than ever before. Take Teradyne as an example. Teradyne's broadband testing division inspects and tests broadband services. Teradyne's equipment and experts work with telecom service providers to maintain in use, carry out daily maintenance and diagnosis, and pre detect other levels of broadband services. Now, Teradyne is testing more than 110million lines worldwide

"the current public exchange carries more data signals than voice signals", said Joe weatherick, a design engineer of Teradyne. "The load on the public exchange is different from before. We try our best to get more information from these lines than before." Teradyne's products enable service providers to find, diagnose and solve problems that weaken the maximum bandwidth capacity

"we can detect things that were once installed on the line to solve problems related to voice information, but now actually weaken or limit the available bandwidth of data communication," said weadick. "Over the years, the systems and work areas installed by the company to solve the problems related to voice flow have actually limited the available bandwidth of the line. That was beneficial to voice communication in the past, but now it is not always beneficial to high-speed data communication. Teradyne can detect and identify what affects data communication.

in addition, Teradyne) The company can locate the cause of the line problem. "If someone calls and reports the problem of their line, the service provider can use our equipment to conduct specific tests, isolate and describe the fault," said weatherick said. "Our system tells them whether the problem is in the customer's house, somewhere between the central station and the customer's house, or the central station itself. In this way, if it needs to send personnel to deal with it, the service provider will know where to send personnel to aggravate the wear of cutting equipment for treatment.

the service provider and Teradyne company rely on Teradyne) The consistency accuracy of the company's equipment, and the accuracy requirements are constant. In the "noisy" environment of the central station, even the best equipment will pick up spikes and electrical noise

"you may encounter hubs, routers, and service providers that put all their devices together in the central station," said weadick: "The large-scale battery room is a huge battery storage place, and the central station uses these batteries to provide power for the line. There will also be a periodically connected generator. There are all kinds of noise, peak signals, and signals that may be coupled and input to our equipment or other equipment. This may damage the equipment, or affect the accuracy of the equipment to achieve a 10% reduction in the weight of the whole vehicle compared with 2015.

when Wadick developed products. When he encountered noise problems in such an environment, he changed his direction to detective - in many ways. Weatherick began to describe and monitor the impact of electrical spikes on the performance of new products. Using the Scopemeter of fluke company, a hand-held test tool integrating high-performance digital multimeter and oscilloscope, weatherick can automatically capture and record the duration and frequency of each waveform through a process of several months, capture information on site, and download it to PC for comparison and analysis

"I don't know whether the phenomenon I'm observing is related to something in the central station or to the specific hardware I'm developing," said weadick: "We use electromechanical switch relays on the equipment to start different equipment. We send the generated signals to the tested line. We also receive those returned signals, analyze the signals, and then characterize the condition of the line. My analysis ends with identifying the impact of environmental noise on our products."

"using the oscillograph and PC, I can put multiple waveforms in a window of the PC and store this group of waveforms as a separate file," he said, "in this way, I can but my previous work has been limited to experiments. I can capture another group of waveforms in another window and save them for careful study, no matter what changes I make."

in November, fluke launched the 190C series oscillograph, which has a full-color display, outstanding fast screen refresh rate and enhanced fault detection capability. A full-color display is particularly useful when analyzing multiple fine waveform differences. For weatherick, the portability of handheld oscillograph provides a very favorable


the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply. "I work between the two places," said weatherick. "Portability is very important because of the use of battery power. If I don't have a portable computer at hand, I can disconnect the multimeter and make it work in battery power mode. After returning to the office, I will send all the information to my PC."

weadick's persistence paid off. He captured the tiny noise source and solved the problem

in a world dominated by communication, the decisive role it plays in solving such a complex noise problem is the bottom line benefit, which cannot be overstated. "This means launching better products to the market and working more efficiently," said weatherick. "It will add up and converge into a river."

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