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A package of new measures for strong growth of strategic emerging industries is poised to be launched

the first quarterly economic reports of various regions have been released recently, among which the growth momentum of strategic emerging industries is strong, and more detailed yield point stress curves in many places, including Shanghai, Anhui and Shaanxi, can be fully shown. 3 Meet the future changes in cement testing and achieve double-digit year-on-year growth. At the same time, a number of major projects are accelerating the implementation. It is noted that many places are stepping up the planning of a new round of development goals and specific paths for strategic emerging industries, promoting the agglomeration and development of related industries, increasing medium and long-term financial support such as credit, insurance and industrial guidance funds, and further promoting social capital investment. 6. The demand for experimental machines by springs and bearings: enter, and strive to promote a new round of rapid growth in related industries

strategic emerging industries are becoming an important engine to drive economic growth, and their strong growth trend can be confirmed by the quarterly reports recently released in many places. Shaanxi's strategic emerging industries increased by 21.3% year-on-year in the first quarter, with an average growth of 11.4% in the two years. The driving force of new generation information technology, new energy and other leading industries to transform and upgrade continued to strengthen. The total output value of strategic emerging industries in Shanghai in the first quarter was 337.083 billion yuan, an increase of 34.3% over the same period last year, with an average growth of 13.8% over the two years. Among them, the output value of new energy vehicles, new energy and high-end equipment increased by 4.2 times, 55% and 46% year-on-year respectively. The output value of strategic emerging industries in Anhui increased by 52.2% in the first quarter, contributing 53.4% to industrial growth

at the same time, relevant major project investment is also in full swing. Wuxi recently released the investment plan for major industrial projects in 2021, including 90 strategic emerging industry projects, with a total investment increase of 16.9%. Henan strives to complete the investment of 2trillion yuan in major projects throughout the year, of which it will accelerate the construction of projects such as the global headquarters of Ziguang smart computing terminal, BYD new energy vehicles, SAIC big data center, and quickly increase the scale of emerging industries

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China Center for international economic exchanges, told the economic information daily that the rapid growth of strategic emerging industries since the first quarter shows that the placement of samples shows that many parties have adopted more active macro policies to deal with the epidemic, guide the overall investment to be positive and continue to expand effective investment. At the same time, in the first year of the 14th five year plan, the important measures taken by local governments to implement the innovation driven development strategy and continue to promote the optimization of economic structure will also be reflected in the construction of major projects in various regions

facing the 14th Five Year Plan period, China will further develop strategic emerging industries. The outline of the 14th five year plan proposes to focus on seizing the opportunities for future industrial development, cultivate leading and pillar industries, and promote the integration, clustering and ecological development of strategic emerging industries. The added value of strategic emerging industries accounts for more than 17% of GDP

in this context, many parties are intensively planning specific goals and development paths. The Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments recently issued the "plan for the construction of G60 science and technology innovation corridor in the Yangtze River Delta", proposing that by 2022, the added value of strategic emerging industries will account for 15% of the regional GDP. Locally, Shenzhen proposes that the added value of strategic emerging industries in the next five years will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan; Dongguan recently issued several measures to promote the high-quality development of strategic emerging industry bases, including 20 specific measures from five aspects: strengthening overall promotion, improving innovation capacity, optimizing space supply, supporting enterprise cultivation, and optimizing the business environment, aiming to accelerate the planning and construction of strategic emerging industry bases

from the perspective of relevant policy layout, strengthening the overall layout and promoting the agglomeration and development of strategic emerging industries have become important starting points. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, Anhui will implement the construction project of strategic emerging industry clusters, vigorously develop ten emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and smart cars, and focus on cultivating five world-class strategic emerging industry clusters such as new energy vehicles and smart cars. Shanxi is stepping up the preparation of relevant plans to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industrial clusters such as big data and semiconductors

for the development of strategic emerging industries, after pressing the reset button, the re experiment is characterized by long cycle, strong technicality and the need for a large amount of capital investment. The central and local governments have also concentrated on increasing financial support. On April 25, the CBRC issued the notice on further promoting the high-quality development of financial services for small and micro enterprises in 2021, which made it clear to continue to increase the first loan, renewal loan and credit loan of large and small micro enterprises, and focus on increasing the medium and long-term credit support for advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and industrial chain supply chain. On April 8, Anhui banking and insurance regulatory bureau made clear ten measures to improve the security service system of scientific and technological enterprises and promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, comprehensively boosting the development of scientific and technological innovation and strategic emerging industries. Shandong provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion fund has invested a total of 1.24 billion yuan in six industrial clusters such as intelligent manufacturing equipment and biomedicine in recent years, driving social capital of 6.07 billion yuan, according to data from the Shandong Department of finance

insiders pointed out that at present, the regional homogenization layout of China's strategic emerging industries is relatively serious, resulting in prominent problems such as resource dispersion and repeated construction. Liu Xiangdong said that the local development of strategic emerging industries needs to be closely combined with regional comparative advantages, and the supply chain around the advantageous industrial chain should be implemented to forge the long board and fill the short board, so as to attract the agglomeration of key elements and integrate into the regional industrial chain supply chain. At the same time, we should give more prominence to the role of market leadership and market selection, speed up the removal of zombie enterprises and unfinished projects, and solve the problems of rush to market, low-level repeated construction and inefficient investment in hot industry areas

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