A quick method to remove the synchronous camera fa

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A method to quickly remove the failure of synchronous camera of gravure press

the synchronous camera of German flfe company equipped on the imported gravure press produced the failure that the camera lamp did not flash during the production of the enhanced quality management operation system

check the data to understand the camera, and control the camera light tube through the computer. With the design of the camera experimental machine host and auxiliary equipment, our company's advanced technology is integrated. The synchronous flash of the light tube, and the camera synchronously captures the printed statement about the ban, which is just the product pattern of the rumor brush, and displays it through the display, so that the operator can observe the situation of the product at any time and adjust it in time, so as to ensure the print quality. We checked with an oscilloscope and found that the microcomputer synchronous trigger pulse had been generated, but there was no voltage at both ends of the flash lamp. Check the circuit board again and find that the transformer has been burnt out. Replace the domestic transformer bk-40 and use the manual button to flash the flash lamp. It is found that the current of the secondary old V power supply of the transformer changes greatly. It is suspected that it is a short SMM between turns of the oscillating step-up transformer. Net news: the original transformer has been burnt out for nearly three months. It is detected by multimeter that there is a short circuit in one winding of oscillating step-up transformer. After rewinding, the fault is eliminated

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