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Comparison between seven layer cardboard box and wooden box packaging

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core tip: heavy carton packaging made of seven layer corrugated cardboard has gradually expanded its share in the packaging market due to a series of commendable advantages, which is likely to replace wooden box packaging

[China Packaging News] the heavy-duty carton packaging made of seven layers of corrugated cardboard has gradually expanded its share in the packaging market because of its series of commendable advantages, and has a great potential to replace wooden box packaging

as we all know, China's forest resources are inherently deficient and have a long-term habit of using wood. In the transition to a low-carbon economy, China's packaging industry has put forward a major decision to replace wood with paper, especially in the packaging of mechanical and electrical products. It also advocates the development of heavy carton packaging with paper instead of wood! Therefore, under the guidance of national macro policies, replacing wood with paper has broad market demand and mature development conditions! The concept of replacing wood with paper is becoming more and more popular

here, I have listed 18 characteristics of seven ply paperboard heavy carton packaging. However, we all know that the market advantage of replacing wood with paper is more than 18? There's more

the 18 advantages of seven layer paperboard heavy carton packaging are:

1. Reduce the packaging materials

compared with the closed wooden box, the average cost can be reduced by more than 20%. The waterproof paper and waterproof plastic film in the closed wooden box can be omitted

2. Simple assembly

like corrugated cardboard, it can be folded into a box

3. Operator safety

when making seven layers of cardboard into boxes, there is no need to use hammers, saws, etc. used in making wooden boxes. The operation is safe and will not lead to injury accidents caused by wood thorns

4. Shorten the operation time

the wooden box should be completed by nailing, and the seven layer paperboard is folded and fixed with packing belt. The baling operation time is greatly shortened, and its weight is 1/3~1/5 of the wooden box, which is light and labor-saving

5. Light weight

the weight of the seven layer cardboard box is 1/3~1/5 of that of the wooden box

6. Save transportation costs

when making wooden cases, because the horizontal wooden strips should be nailed first when nailing the plates, the external volume becomes larger. The seven layer cardboard box is smaller than the wooden box because it is an integrated surface to surface joint and does not need wood strips, etc. As the transportation efficiency of trucks and containers can be improved, transportation costs can be saved

7. Suitable for air transportation

freight is mostly calculated by weight, so when using light seven Ply Cartons, freight can be greatly saved

8. High compression strength

seven ply paperboard is a kind of corrugated paperboard, but it has 10 times the compression strength of ordinary paperboard, so it can be stacked higher. For example, the compressive strength of a seven layer cardboard box with a length of 1m, a width of 1m and a height of 1m is about tons

9. It can be made into sealed packaging

seven layer paperboard packaging is a box made of integrated seven layer paperboard and completely sealed with waterproof tape, so it can be made into sealed type

10. Conform to the world specification

the seven ply carton conforms to the government relationship specification requirements of major countries in the world, with 100% guaranteed quality, and conforms to more than 42 government relationship specifications, such as the representative specification of the United States Federal specification ppp-b-640d, the Specification No. 41 of the United States Railway after loading to a certain load, and the clause 222 of the United States truck specification

11. Good moisture resistance (rain) (snow)

kraft paper used for the surface and bottom of seven layer cardboard boxes is made of a kind of water-resistant long planned energy-saving transformation of the original building, 100% fiber as raw material, plus the use of reinforced core paper and waterproof glue. The strength will be reduced after being exposed to rain, but it has the characteristics of restoring strength after drying

12. Corrugatedrecycles trademark is conducive to recycling

the EU has strict requirements on recycling. According to its requirements, seven Ply Cartons exported to the EU must have corrugatedrecycles trademark before they can be recycled and reused as paper raw materials. This can save the recovery costs of both exporters and importers

13. No fumigation

in order to protect their natural environment, the more countries that need to fumigate, disinfect, heat treat, force drought and other epidemic prevention work on wooden boxes can help them meet the expected product performance requirements, the more countries will come. The main countries are Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, the European Union, the United States, Russia and so on, which will rapidly expand to other countries in the near future. It costs a lot of anti epidemic fumigation costs to pack wooden cases for export. At this point, seven ply cardboard heavy cartons can be completely eliminated

14. The surface can be printed

the seven layer cardboard box can be printed on the surface as well as in color as the general corrugated cardboard

15. It can be made into extra large size

heavy cartons can be made into extra large size. The cardboard of a seven layer cardboard box with a maximum width of 2470mm and a length of 6000mm can be directly bonded

16. Transportation after folding

due to the folding state of transportation, the seven layer cardboard box can save freight and packing material storage fees

17. Receiving small batch orders

in order to receive small batch orders and provide various services, seven Ply Cartons can set up regional exclusive three-level manufacturing plants for customers across the country

18. Easy to discard

because the seven layer carton is made of 100% long fiber raw materials, it can be recycled as high-quality paper raw materials. Because all countries in the world have cardboard recycling systems, it is convenient to dispose of waste

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