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Comparative test of fourteen inkjet printers (IV)

Epson style c40/c60/c80,

Epson's inkjet printer takes its own unique micro piezoelectric print head technology as the core, and on this basis, it continues to develop and launch new functions and features. Epson was the first to improve the resolution to such a high level as 2880dpi. In terms of the minimum ink drop volume, Epson printers are always ahead of all manufacturers, and took the lead in realizing 3 Pico liters. 12. Real time display: experimental force and peak experimental force can be displayed in real time; Ink drops. Many useful functions of inkjet printers, such as web printing and borderless printing, are first realized on Epson products. Moreover, the excellent photo printing quality of Epson photo printer has left a deep impression on Chinese users. Due to the characteristics of micro piezoelectric printing technology, the density of its inkjet head cannot be too high, so the printing speed of Epson printer has been difficult to improve rapidly. However, in the new generation of products, Epson has successfully increased the printing speed, which is indeed a happy news for Epson's loyal users. The drive control interface of Epson printer is easy to use, and the automatic setting is suitable for ordinary users. It also provides many advanced function options for users with higher requirements. Users can also store the adjusted settings for future use. When printing, the driver will display many status information such as printing progress, media type, ink capacity, etc. if the ink is exhausted, the user can complete the cartridge replacement step by step according to the prompts on the screen

epson style C40 is a color inkjet printer designed by Epson for entry-level users. Four color ink is used, and the color ink cartridge is one-piece

aiming at the target users of C40, Epson has made great efforts to make it simple and easy to use. It omits the useless parallel interface, which can further reduce the cost. It is connected with the computer through the UBS port. According to the docld index, there are too few wordls in this page, and the USB cable is provided randomly. There are only two buttons on the top of the body. The power switch button also has the function of the paper feed button, and the other button is dedicated to replacing the ink cartridge - you can complete the task of replacing the ink cartridge by pressing it three times. In order to further improve ease of use, Epson has also opened up a special electronic online support system for C40 on its own station. Users who encounter difficult problems can get technical support here

the speed performance of C40 in the test needs to be improved. On plain paper, its graphic effect is OK, but the detail performance is affected by the problem of bleeding and wetness. What surprised us a little is that the color of the photos it prints is balanced, and the overall feeling is very good. If the picture can be more delicate, it will get a better evaluation. Home users who are unwilling to have too much initial investment can consider C40, which costs less than 700 yuan

epson style C60 is a mid-range product that takes into account both commercial and household users. C60 also makes a comparison of why this kind of problem occurs. People will think it is the problem produced by the manufacturer. It uses four-color inkjet printing and uses an integrated color ink cartridge. The maximum resolution is 2880dpi. Aiming at the requirements of commercial printing, Epson especially uses a new plain paper printing technology on C60: the new patented fast drying ink reduces the bleeding on plain paper and ensures that the text and lines under the large-area color background are still clear; The three-dimensional quick calculation table is optimized again, which can obtain better color performance; In office, it is sometimes necessary to print low resolution images. The edge smoothing function can help users overcome the jagged edges of images and obtain smoother visual effects

we found that C60's photo printing effect is very good. The picture is more delicate than the usual 4-color printer, and the sense of hierarchy is also very good, but its color is slightly thicker, slightly redder. If you want to get accurate color restoration, you need to manually adjust the color settings. The photo evaluation given by testers is second only to Epson's SP 810. In terms of printing speed, the reasons for C60 causing this kind of failure and Troubleshooting: (1) the force point blade is loose. By increasing the frequency of bidirectional movement of the print head and cooperating with the intelligent ink drop conversion technology, high-speed printing is successfully realized, and its performance is also very good in our test. This is a multi-purpose printer that can meet the needs of both home and business

epson style C80 is a medium and high-end product launched by Epson for commercial users. In addition to excellent document printing quality, commercial users also require high speed and low cost. C80 can well meet these requirements. Compared with our familiar Epson printer, C80 has changed a lot in appearance: the upper cover and lower part of the square fuselage are dark gray, and the middle is gray white. It still uses the vertical paper feeding mode, and the paper output tray can be attached to the machine body after folding to save space. C80 adopts a four-color separated ink cartridge, which can be replaced independently. For commercial users with large printing tasks, this helps to reduce the ink cost. In our ink consumption test, the ink cost of C80 is lower than that of all products using combined color ink cartridges

Epson adopts four-color pigment ink on C80, which greatly improves the anti illumination and waterproof ability of the printed manuscript. This is very outstanding in our waterproof test. It is the only product that can be waterproof with black and color ink. It is very suitable to print color outdoor publicity posters with it. C80 can provide 2880dpi printing resolution, and the printing resolution on special photo paper can reach 2880dpi. Thanks to the use of 3 microliter ultra fine ink drops and the improvement of the printing head, the printer can greatly improve the printing speed and accuracy. We found that C80 has another obvious advantage over the other three Epson printers tested: the noise during work is very low, so there is no need to worry that it will damage the quiet office environment

in our test, the printing speed of C80 default quality mode is very excellent. At the same time, its printing quality is also good. Compared with previous Epson products, when using ordinary paper, its graphics and text effects have been greatly improved. Epson C80 is a high-speed and low-cost printer, which is very suitable for the needs of commercial users

in the past, Epson photo printers were of high quality and high price. If you want to obtain excellent print quality, buyers should make more decisions when making budgets. In response to the needs of users with tight families and budgets for photo printing, Epson launched a new Epson style photo 810. This very attractive six color entry-level photo printer is no longer a high-end product for professional users

as a follow-up product of Stylus Photo 790, SP 810 inherits the consistent lively and fashionable style of this product line in appearance: the back-end paper feeding method; The translucent front cover allows anxious users to observe the movement of the ink cartridge; Retractable and foldable paper outlet bracket, which can be put away when not in use to save space. The three buttons on the body realize the functions of power switch, cleaning and paper feed/return respectively. The machine provides two interfaces, parallel port and USB, which can meet the needs of different users

SP 810 uses many of the latest Epson printing technologies. Color restoration technology can expand the color range of the printer. The application of this technology is more outstanding in the performance of blue and green. It also adopts Epson's unique intelligent ink drop transformation technology, which automatically transforms three groups of ink drops of nine sizes according to the level of resolution and different color areas, so as to accelerate the printing speed of graphic information. Borderless printing is a major feature of this series of products. By accurately positioning the print head and accurately controlling the ink, it can fill the A4 format without leaving white edges, making the photos more realistic and avoiding the trouble of cutting. In addition, Epson photoenhancetm4 technology, which can improve the image quality obtained from the Internet or scanner, six color fast drying light resistant ink and other technologies that Epson is proud of have been applied to this machine

sp 810 uses six color inkjet technology, and color ink is an integrated ink cartridge. Epson believes that there will be no obvious imbalance in the amount of ink consumed by most ordinary users in different colors. In terms of purchase cost, the cost of an integrated ink cartridge is lower than that of five color ink cartridges respectively. In the ink cost test, although the ink consumption of SP 810 is not as high as that of products using independent ink cartridges of various colors, the cost of products using integrated color ink cartridges is relatively low

what impressed us was the photo print quality of SP 810. Although almost all inkjet printers today can achieve acceptable photo printing results, the price of products that can reach the same quality as silver salt photos in the past is more than 2000 yuan. Now SP 810 has successfully achieved this at the price of more than 1000 yuan, which is enough to surprise. When evaluating the quality of photos, it is not difficult to recognize the output result of SP 810 from the samples output by many printers. Its color performance is just right. It can achieve accurate color restoration for test samples, including the use of ICM color correction information. 6-color ink printing plays a vital role in improving the expressiveness of light levels, It is worth mentioning that the dark layer transition that requires a lot of ink also has a good performance. The picture is clear and sharp, and the details are rich. Compared with the photos obtained by using Fuji digital printing equipment, SP 810's works are more infectious

the price is not high, but it has such excellent photo printing quality. Epson style photo 810 deserves our choice award. If you plan to set up your own photo studio at home, make SP 810 and your digital camera a great partner

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