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DuPont will build an innovation center in Western China in the next two years. In the 1980s, DuPont became the first American multinational enterprise to establish a wholly-owned enterprise in China. In the 29 years since entering the Chinese market, DuPont has also witnessed the rapid development of China. At present, all major businesses of DuPont have settled in China. "Thanks to the rapid development of China's economy and society, as well as the efforts in developing industrial production capacity and global market competitiveness, DuPont has achieved rapid growth in China." DuPont chief marketing officer Gao Min said

at present, DuPont has invested more than US $120million in China from light to compact. "We have more than 40 wholly-owned and joint venture companies in China, employing about 7000 employees. We have coordinated the national non ferrous metal Standards Commission to apply for the formulation of the national standard for new ceramic aluminum materials. In 2005, DuPont China R & D center was officially put into use. It is the third largest company level comprehensive scientific research institution set up by DuPont outside the United States." Gao Min said. The upper layer is the e-commerce platform

"we also plan to set up two innovation centers in China from 2014 to 2015." Tang lenian, chief Innovation Officer, added that he did not hide his attention and favor for the Chinese market. One of the two innovation centers will be located in Western China. Will the new adhesive film be pushed horizontally to the center of the oil seat in the assembly ③? Tang leinian did not answer this question. But he made it clear: "the establishment of an innovation center in Western China reflects our commitment to the region. We are committed to expanding our investment in this region, building partnerships with local stakeholders and supporting local development."

DuPont invests more than US $2billion in R & D every year, of which about 80% are focused on developing solutions to meet three global challenges: food, energy and protection. Nearly 40% of DuPont's revenue comes from products launched in the past five years, which has doubled from a few years ago

in 2010, DuPont's products that help customers or end consumers reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated $1.6 billion in revenue. It is estimated that these products reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 6.5 million metric tons in their supply chain from 2007 to 2010

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