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Brief analysis: the development characteristics of paper packaging and printing technology in the future

at present, more and more modern technologies are applied to the field of packaging and printing, which makes many packaging and printing processes simpler and more scientific and reasonable. Looking at the current paper packaging and printing technology, we find that its development has the following new characteristics:

first, the development of single-layer materials to multi-layer materials

second, offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, printing and other printing methods coexist, among which flexographic printing will grow rapidly

III. The development of single sheet paper to web paper and single machine to online production, so as to realize the supply of complete sets of equipment

IV. comprehensive application of various relevant new technologies (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, etc.) to continuously optimize the whole production system

v. increasingly restricted by increasingly stringent environmental protection and health standards

at the same time, it can also be seen that the measurement of post press force of packaging has come to an end. The processing technology is more scientific and applicable, and the packaging performance and effect have changed significantly. For example, the wax coating and film coating process in the past packaging surface treatment has been gradually replaced by surface gelatinization (glue spraying treatment), and the anti-counterfeiting packaging production process has shifted from local printing or production to integrated large-area printing and production anti-counterfeiting for China's battery diaphragm enterprises. At present, the pre press and post press of packaging and printing use computer technology, new equipment to complete the upgrading of production factors, and post press processing technology innovation, so that the field of post press processing has formed a new industrial structure of packaging and printing industry, the connotation of product structure adjustment and business behavior

the 11 new technology products announced by the American Printing Technology Association will have a real impact on the packaging and printing industry in the future: these 11 new technologies include: a prepress production system based on PDF; Special point technology for flexo through calculation; Bora cutting system with CIP3 workflow; Offset rotary machine; A process system for engraving gravure cylinder successfully using laser technology; Professional digital photography technology; New drying technology (formed once online); New technology of printing pressure-sensitive inner label; Software package (prepress system); Scanning software system; The printing system of the on-demand printing market

we must solve the key technical problems in the development of paper packaging industry:

1 Research on key technologies and equipment for recycling paper packaging materials and containers

2. Systematic and intelligent research on paper packaging design

3. Research and development of paper packaging containers

4. Research and development of key technologies and major equipment for paper packaging materials manufacturing

5. Research on the integration and application of paper packaging technology

6. Development and research of paper products packaging machinery

7, ensure the research of detection technology and system integration, and play a variety of roles such as dragging, straightening, and stabilizing tension; Roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type)

8. Research on packaging technology and transportation packaging of household appliances

9. Research on the key technology and new equipment of packaging and decoration printing

10. Research on military commodity packaging technology

in addition, the key development trend of paper product packaging is low gram weight, high strength and light weight paper packaging, achieving the goal of standardization, serialization, multi variety, multi base material and multi-purpose. In the next 10 years, paper media printing will have a great development with broadband. CIP digital printing machine also makes the traditional process develop in the direction of rationalization and labor saving

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