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DuPont titanium technology announced to raise the price of titanium dioxide in some parts of the world

it is reported that the American pigment manufacturer DuPont titanium technology announced to raise the price of all titanium dioxide in North America, Europe and the Middle East

specific price raising measures from July 1st, 2009, the traditional regulations have been implemented to improve the standardization level. The whole or short fiber reinforced polymers hope to create a market of US $15.3 billion per year (PA, PP, pet, ABS, etc.) to be used in the cladding and molding operation of BOC. Among them, the price of titanium dioxide in the Middle East will be increased by $100 per ton. In Europe, the price was raised by 50 euros per ton. In addition, the company increased titanium dioxide in the North American market by 2 cents/pound (US $44/ton) from August 1

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