A brief analysis of the characteristics of digital

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A brief analysis of the characteristics of digital printing

digital printing is to print directly with the help of digital files processed by computer. 12. Beam speed conditioning range (mm/min):1 (5) 00, so it is also called computer direct printing. In English, it is computer to press. Here, the above overview confused the overall slowdown of digital printing in 2013 and the concept of printing digitization, so it is a wrong introduction

digital printing I: bid farewell to lead and fire

in the stage of bid farewell to lead and fire, the electronic publishing system has replaced the traditional typesetting, transformed the traditional typesetting technology and environment, laid the foundation for the digitalization of publishing and printing, and should be said to be an important milestone in the development of digital printing technology. The significance of the development of electronic publishing system is not only to bid farewell to lead and fire, but also to lay a foundation for the long-term development of publishing and printing digitalization, which is of great significance

digital printing II on the whole: more than ten years ago, readers could not see the different places published on that day, especially in remote areas of China, which often changed the old news, let alone the timeliness. Using digital communication technology to replace the transmission of plate samples printed in different places in traditional publishing greatly improves the timeliness and accuracy of different places publishing. At the same time, it also laid the foundation for today's remote publishing and printing

digital printing III: color and image

the debate about whether desktop color publishing system can replace electronic color separation machine seems to be still yesterday. With the development of image processing technology, color separation technology, color management technology, image scanning technology, image information exchange and other technologies, this debate has become history. The desktop color publishing system improves the plate making efficiency of the integration of color text and image, and organically combines art and publishing, which makes us have creative design in publishing and printing, and turns the simple process of information transmission into an art

digital printing 4: Farewell to paper and pen

the emergence and development of network technology, network publishing technology, information tracking technology, information exchange technology and information publishing technology make it possible to realize the digitization of publishing with computer and network technology. This technological development stage belongs to digital publishing. The most important thing is that it has taken a key step towards the realization of fully digital publishing, printing and cross media publishing

digital printing V: efficiency, quality and management

when you open any publication related to the technology of this industry, there are many introductions to computer direct plate making (CTP), film scanning, digital workflow (workflow), digital printing, Wang Huixiang, chief deputy general manager of Jiangxi LDK photovoltaic silicon technology Co., Ltd., and Remote Proofing, printing plant management system, on-demand and fast printing, These are to achieve the goals of high efficiency, high quality and management of printing and publishing

digital printing VI: cross media publishing and online publishing

publish the same set of digital information content through different media, that is, cross media publishing. For example, the same document can not only be printed on paper and published in the form of newspapers, magazines and books (paper media publishing), but also be generated, managed and published on any device anytime, anywhere through the Internet, which is high fidelity, reliable, interactive Personalized digital content (Online Publishing). From the point of view that printing is information processing, the demand of processing once and outputting many times will put forward higher requirements for the development of digital printing technology

digital printing 7: digital system

what is a digital printing system? Digital printing system is a technology of digitalization and networking in the whole process of printing, which covers computer direct plate making, digital workflow, digital proofing, on-demand, rapid printing and other technologies. It is inevitable for the printing industry to adapt to the development of the information age

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