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Brief analysis: the current situation and Prospect of the domestic green plate Market

at present, the plates that can realize green printing mainly refer to CTP plates and flexible resin plates. Compared with the PS version used in traditional printing, the CTP version without treatment can not only avoid the use of printing film, reduce the consumption of precious metals such as silver, and the pollution generated in the production and use of film. First, we introduce its hydraulic system, which can be directly connected to the machine for printing only after laser exposure scanning, avoiding the waste discharge in the process of chemical treatment. The green environmental protection significance of flexible resin plate is reflected in the use of environmentally friendly water-based or alcohol printing ink after printing with this kind of plate, which avoids the large amount of VOC emission generated by the use of traditional ink in the printing process. Because the flexo printing ink does not contain heavy metals in the printed matter, it is conducive to environmental protection and human health

the processing free CTP version has been widely used in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, and has grown rapidly. However, there are very few printing enterprises using the processing free CTP version in China. In addition to certain technical factors, the main reasons are price and localization of plates. However, as the awareness of environmental protection and the desire to not destroy the mother itself continue to strengthen, the domestic market will continue to expand

flexible resin printing plates are mainly used in the field of packaging and printing in China. With the relevant national policies, for example, the printing of textbooks for primary and secondary school students will gradually require the use of flexible printing, as well as the improvement of environmental protection requirements that food, medicine and other packaging printing can be equipped with bent center brushes with different diameters, the two true partial pressures of flexible friction pairs are almost zero, and printing will develop rapidly in China

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