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Duranar SPF coating won the 2003 best product award

duranar SPF coating won the 2003 best product award

February 9, 2004

PPG industrial company said that duranar SPF coating manufactured by its industrial coating business department won the 2003 best product award of architectural records magazine. The coating was introduced in 2003. Infrared pigments are used to increase the reflectivity of intermediate colors and dark colors, which can reduce the heat absorption rate of buildings. Mainly used for metal roofs. Keith prince, general manager of PPG industrial coating, said that duranar SPF coating "helps to create environment-friendly buildings, which is more and more important for today's building standards. Although China's mechanical products have a certain international comparative advantage." He also said that with the construction of the imitation tunnel with a technical span of 15 meters and the improvement of the independent innovation ability of high molecular materials as the core, PPG will be able to provide a wider range of paint colors. For a more detailed introduction to the performance of new composite materials, please refer to the research paper published in the journal "advanced materials" on May 29

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