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core tip: at present, domestic enterprises mainly use injection molding and hollow blow molding to produce plastic trays. Suzhou chuangjie packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. produces dust-free optical pallets using Blister molding

at present, domestic enterprises mainly produce plastic pallets by injection molding and hollow blow molding. Suzhou chuangjie packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. produces dust-free optical tray, and the guide plate of voice of Mongolia on July 18 uses Blister molding method

the raw material of injection molding tray is generally low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is molded by injection molding at one time. Its staff material cost is lower than that of blow molding tray, and it is widely used in China at present. Injection molding is applicable to the molding of pallets with complex shapes and high stiffness requirements, and to the molding and processing of pallets with large production batches. But the mold cost is high and the investment is large. There are few flash and little post-processing work. The molding cycle is short, usually about 3 minutes a cycle. Whether the product size meets the provisions of national standards or industrial standards accurately, and the surface quality is good

the main parameters considered in the manufacturing process of injection molding tray are: 1. Clamping force; 2. Injection volume; 3. Injection pressure; 4. Plasticizing ability, plasticizing time; 5. Cycle period; 6. Mold: in order to reduce the forming clamping force and improve the product quality, hot runner mold should be used

if you want an optical tray, come to Suzhou to find an innovative team Printing Co., Ltd. of chuangjie packaging Haizheng group. Our manufacturer sells all kinds of blister packaging directly. There will be five vertical research laboratory discs under the blister tray, including film material thermal analysis, film material sample preparation and processing, film material electromagnetic analysis, film material mechanical analysis, and film material optical analysis, to give you satisfactory packaging and preferential prices

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