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DuPont Delrin reg; Technology creates a dry filling system

the DK conveyor component series of Regina SUD company in Italy, a leading manufacturer of conveyor chains/belts, is based on DuPont's best-selling Delrin acetal resin and a new level of materials prepared by Kevlar. This material is specially developed for high-performance glass containers and filling and conveying systems

the low friction coefficient and low wear rate of this new level of Delrin 100km means that the high-speed transmission system equipped with Regina DK transmission chain/belt has better wear resistance than the equipment previously made of DuPont acetal resin grade materials. DuPont acetal resin grade materials have been used in the conveyor belt of filling plants for the past 20 years. This means that for the first time, glass bottles, cans and pet filling lines can use "dry" systems (using much less lubricant than before or no lubricant at all), with longer continuous service periods and fewer planned and unplanned downtime than systems using metal chain conveyors

The result of

is a significant increase in production and a reduction in the cost of glass bottle manufacturers and filling equipment: it saves the equipment investment caused by the installation of lubrication equipment and the cost of equipment operation. Changing to a "dry" environment also means a better working environment and less mess for factory employees

delrin is a high-performance acetal resin solution with firmness, light weight, durability, wear resistance, low friction and low noise for today's filling industry. Compared with metal and other plastic solutions, it can provide enhanced quality and performance, excellent reliability and better design freedom

the advantage of using Delrin 100km in the glass bottle filling line is that the conveyor belt of the same material can be used in all beverage container production lines in the factory, including aluminum cans and PET bottle production lines. So far, a single factory may be equipped with both plastic (for cans and PET bottles) and metal (for glass bottles) conveying systems. The use of Delrin 100km in the whole plant gives the filling plant the production flexibility it needs in today's competitive environment

before the commercial launch, the transmission system based on Delrin 100km has completed the market test since the beginning of 1999 through cooperation with Regina SUD S.p.A. of Cernusco Lombardo near Milan, Italy, and the results have achieved great success. Regina reports that more than 50% of its customers now use conveyor belts based on DuPont's new acetal resin, which are marketed under the brand of regina's DK

Paolo Deco of Bormioli Rocco S.p.A, the world's leading Italian Parma glass manufacturer, said: "Regina DK's chain band performs well in the dry state and shows very low wear."

regina head of marketing and R & D 4 Repeated loading and unloading of the hardness tester Maurizio viglino said: "Regina DK's conveyor chain/belt based on Delrin 100km is a magic weapon for customers such as glass bottle manufacturers and filling plants. They can now operate in a dry environment at a lower cost. Since the introduction of our DK brand products in 1999, due to the multiple advantages of this material, a middle-aged female villager of DK del pointed to the whole piece of withered and yellow vegetables to inform reporters about the transmission of RIN material has been formed among our OEM manufacturers and end users The trend of belt/chain replacing metal or other plastic materials

regina Application Engineer V glass made of polyurethane can reduce the weight of cars by 50%, said alerio Carati: "Our customers have been constantly monitoring and asking us about ways to bring the filling line into a dry environment to reduce lubricant costs, reduce maintenance and improve working conditions. When we found a solution to meet their needs, they were still very skeptical at first, but once the new conveyor equipped with Delrin km100 material DK conveyor belt was installed, they were always very satisfied with the results."

regina is the world market leader in conveyor chain/belt manufacturing, and its products are widely used. Founded in 1919, the company has branches in Europe, America and Asia

DuPont engineering polymer business produces and sells crastin PBT, Rynite pet thermoplastic polyester resin, Delrin acetal resin, Hytrel thermoplastic polyester rubber, minlon mineral reinforced nylon resin, tynex wire, Vespel parts and plastic parts, Zenite LCP liquid crystal polymer and Zytel nylon resin. These products serve the global market in aviation, appliances, automobiles, consumer goods, electrical, electronic, industrial and sports products, and many other industrial fields

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