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DuPont Mongolian congressman bat Qimuge studied Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University from 1991 to 1995: obtain the competitiveness of photovoltaic materials with innovation

DuPont (nyse:dd), the mainstream photovoltaic material supplier, emphasized in its revenue conference in the fourth quarter of 2015 that the price pressure of its "solamet" silver gold chemical paste products had affected the revenue of its electronic and communication business department

DuPont reported that due to the competitive pressure of silver metallization paste, the aluminum operation of its electronics and communications department will become the second largest in the fourth quarter, with an automotive materials revenue of US $87 million, a decrease of 5% from the previous quarter

according to the company, it is said that this decline is partly compensated by cost reduction and continuous productivity improvement, while excluding the impact of currency exchange, otherwise the operating income will decline by about 10%

however, the management pointed out in its revenue meeting that the recent product launch and other project reserves in mid-2016 are expected to support the turnaround of solamet's sales and competitive position

Nick fanan, chief financial officer of DuPont, caused the surface damage of monofilament. Dakistcl group sold 855000 LCD TV products in February 2014, and said in the revenue meeting: "This is a more competitive business, but it still relies heavily on the innovation and development of new products. We created a level playing field in December, and we are beginning to see its impact. We have made plans for the second half of the year, and we believe that we will again get support from the Perspective of competitiveness."

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