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The "dust-proof sanitary portable drinking tank" has obtained the national patent

recently, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a CN announcement. The "dust-proof sanitary portable drinking tank" invented by Li Mu, a 9-year-old student of Yangzhou Weiyang experimental primary school, has obtained the national utility model patent

Li Mu, who is in grade 4 of primary school this year, likes to make it by hand with the maximum AC foaming agent 0.3~0.5 pressure and the maximum deformation depth automatic memory since childhood. He found that the milk bottles and soft packages of various drinks in the current beverage market are not easy to absorb when drinking. If the drinks are not drunk at one time, it is inconvenient to carry them. The demand analysis of the cold and hot shock tester makes it difficult to preserve the remaining drinks. Through thinking and experiment, he found out the solution: opening two through holes on the top of the tank will not cause shrinkage. If you don't finish drinking at one time, you can also use a straw to seal it, which has a certain fresh-keeping effect. It is reported that the patent was favored by relevant technicians of Yili Group during the application period

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