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Duer company undertook to build Audi's painting plant in Jer, Hungary. Duer company is currently working on building a new painting plant for Audi in Hungary. Providing the best quality with low operation and energy cost is that most of the coating plants in Jer, Hungary currently use the transmission system: at present, some of the transmission systems of experimental machines on the market adopt a major feature of reducer. It is reported that duer will benefit 60 million euros from the project

rodipm rotary dip coating equipment is used in pretreatment and electrophoresis processes. Because the car body can rotate, there is no need for inclined parts at the inlet and outlet of the dip tank. This not only greatly saves space, but also reduces energy and 3D printing due to the smaller volume of the soaking tank: the consumption of key chemicals in distributed manufacturing

the cement testing station is equipped with an innovative ecodryscrubber spray room system for dry separation of wet paint overspray. The dry separation system does not need water and chemicals, and can save 60% energy through process air recirculation. In addition, the cross-sectional area of the spray room is also reduced by 35% due to the use of this system. This technology has been applied to 40 coating lines on four continents, including the production lines under construction

the primer and finish painting inside and outside the car body are completed by fully automatic robots. The seven painting workstations are equipped with a total of 31 ecorpl133 painting robots produced by duer and 21 ecorpl033 (or ecorpl030) handling robots. The spraying workstation adopts the latest generation of electrostatic atomizer of duer - ecobell 3. Before the intermediate coating and primer spraying, the body is sent to two cleaning stations, and the body is cleaned by six ecors60 robots equipped with sword brushes

the construction contract was signed in the first quarter of 2010. The scope of delivery required by Audi also includes the process control system and the internal transmission system equipped with relevant electronic equipment. In addition, duer is also responsible for the overall coordination of the project

after it is put into production in 2013, the annual spraying volume of the coating plant of Audi will reach 125000 units

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