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Duratomic tp2500 meets the challenge of stainless steel

the duratomic turning material grade tp2500 of Shanxin constantly rewrites the conclusion of the machining performance of turning blades on various materials. Ship processing and manufacturing companies have a deep understanding of the difficulty of processing austenitic stainless steel, but when they tried the new tp2500 material grade, they got an unexpected surprise

Brian jenich, the owner of the ship processing and manufacturing company in Clinton Town, Michigan, has been engaged in manufacturing and repairing marine transmission shafts for nearly 20 years. "Just graduated from high school, a very accidental opportunity made me start this business." He said. "I had a ship at that time, but I couldn't afford to repair it, so I had to start learning how to repair it by myself. I set up a pressure straightener in my father's workshop and began to repair the transmission shaft part-time."

the business is always developing step by step. Now the ship processing and manufacturing company is one of the leaders in this industry, providing professional marine products for ship manufacturers in the whole North America, including the transmission shaft used on coast guard ships

the best material used by ship processing companies for their transmission shafts is a very difficult austenitic stainless steel called aquamet. The mechanical properties that make this material very suitable for use as a marine transmission shaft make its processing a special challenge. Chip control is a problem, and so is wear. Any blade used for processing this material must have both toughness and wear resistance

jeni landed safely. Mr. ch said, "we have tried every major brand of blade. Water will build on the original resource accumulation, chip breaking groove, cutting speed and feed rate; most salespeople spent one or two days on the test, but still gave up." Ship processing looks like choosing the best blade material grade, chip breaking groove, maximum cutting depth, feed rate and cutting speed. Mr. jenich continued, "in view of the continuous failure of the sales representatives in the experiments to improve the processing performance for us, we are very satisfied with the blades now used. Then the sales representatives of yamago brought us a product brochure with a new material grade of tp2500 and told us clearly what it can do."

Jeff Braun, the technical specialist of Sungo tools, knows that his killer tp2500 will be well suited for this application. "About a year ago, our cooperation with ship processing companies on some thread processing has been successful," he said. "We can improve the thread processing of the same material, but we can't successfully replicate it. 3. In order to ensure that the image is clear to ordinary turning processing. Mr. jenich agreed to let Sango tools test the new tp2500 material grade, hoping to achieve the same effect as that obtained by all other brands.

outstanding performance

according to brain jenich: "Jeff recommended parameters such as cutting depth, speed and feed rate, and when I asked him if he could pay the cost of tool handle damage, he smiled and said to me," I don't think we need to worry about anything. " In addition to increasing the cutting depth by 50% during rough turning, the cutting speed is increased by 50% and the feed per revolution is increased by 150%. The chip control is perfect, and the tool life is four times that of the original best blade. The result of turning finish machining is even more impressive. Shangao's polishing blade doubles the feed rate and improves the surface roughness while increasing the cutting speed by 50% and the tool life by 400%

jenich claimed: "I know I'm a very strong salesperson, but undoubtedly this is a good blade. Last year, I outsourced a lot of processing, because I didn't have enough production capacity to put all the processing inside the company for production, so I have begun to buy new equipment. With the productivity improvement brought by tp2500, I may be able to postpone the purchase of machine tools for a period of time. For the most challenging working conditions, shangao employees use it Excellent products 3. Before starting the bellows ring stiffness testing machine and technical support have proved that they are the most valuable partners, so I will recommend shangao and tp2500 to everyone. " (end)

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