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Dalian heavy industry dust removal technology "restores" the blue sky

recently, Dalian heavy industry disclosed that the coke oven machine side dust removal system newly developed by Dalian heavy industry has been successfully applied in large enterprises at home and abroad, such as Baosteel, Handan Iron and steel, Guangxi Shenglong, United Steel, Malaysia Kuantan and so on. From the whole process of coal loading, carbonization, coke pushing, coke blocking and coke quenching, the coke oven equipment has reached the high environmental protection standards of smoke-free, fire-free, tasteless and noise-free

a few days ago, the "seminar on the promotion of coke oven machine side dust removal technology and the operation and maintenance of coke oven vehicles", hosted by China Coking Industry Association and hosted by Dalian heavy industry, was held in Handan Iron and Steel Company of Hegang group. In recent years, it has adapted to a relatively large pull. Nearly 100 experts from domestic coking and environmental protection industries, leaders and engineering technicians from coking plants and professional coking enterprises of Baosteel, Angang, Shagang and other domestic steel enterprises attended the meeting. On the same day, China Coking Industry Association specially promoted this technology at the meeting

according to the introduction, the newly developed coke oven machine side dust removal system of Dalian heavy industry adopts the new two-level dust collection technology combined with the water seal docking technology, which has the characteristics of zero leakage in the smoke guiding process, high dust collection rate, low emission concentration, reliable performance and energy saving. The equipment has changed the previous phenomenon of burning smoke and bad smell in coke plants

among them, the dust collection efficiency can be increased by more than 95% compared with the traditional vehicle mounted dust removal technology, and the smoke-free operation is basically realized; The maximum emission concentration can be 10mg/m3, which fully meets the production of coking enterprises in fragile ecological environment; Compared with traditional technology, it can save air volume by 15% - 20%, which has significant energy-saving effect; The dust removal equipment can realize remote monitoring and unmanned operation on site

for the coking industry, the dust removal at the machine side of the coke oven is a big topic. With the hydraulic universal testing machine, it is used for the stretching, tightening, bending and shearing of various metallic and non-metallic materials. Indeed, asking how much the hydraulic testing machine costs is like asking how much the car costs. At present, with the transformation of China's economy from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development, the largest torque of major steel and coking enterprises has affirmed that they are generally facing problems such as "peak staggering, production limiting and production reduction in winter" implemented everywhere. The coke oven equipment of these enterprises is facing the urgent need for upgrading, and the total potential market is huge

Lichangyin, deputy director of Angang coking plant, said that in the fifth phase of technical transformation of the plant, which began in 2014, Dalian heavy industry undertook the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic projects of all equipment in the plant. After the transformation, the equipment has operated for more than three years, the operation rate is 100%, the accident is zero, and the production capacity exceeds the design standard by 5%

on this basis, the plant signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dalian heavy industry this year

Wang Liang, deputy general manager of Dalian heavy industry electromechanical installation company and deputy to the National People's Congress, said that third-party services serving the primary and secondary industries have already entered industrialization in the world's economically developed countries, while the "post service" of China's industrial enterprises is still in the development stage. With the continuous improvement of equipment intelligence, the inverse proportion of users' ability (low) and cost (high) to equipment operation and maintenance is gradually increasing. As early as 2008, Dalian heavy industry began to establish the concept of "post service", extending the turnkey project of general contracting to the maintenance (maintenance) system. After nearly a decade of efforts, a complete service industry chain has been formed

in recent years, in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, Dalian heavy industry has successively developed internationally advanced 7.63m and other super large energy-saving and environmental protection coke oven equipment; Developed 6.25m and other large-scale environmental protection stamping coke oven equipment; Research and develop 6.78mscp and 7.65m super large stamping coke oven equipment. In terms of environmental protection, it has successively developed smoke-free coal loading vehicles without ground dust removal system, high-efficiency coke side dust removal system, high-efficiency coke side guide dust removal system, etc

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