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Dutch company promotes biotechnology to create low-cost polyester

on May 21, Dutch avantium technology company announced that it has successfully developed a breakthrough technology for the production of bio based polyester products. The bio based polyester products made with this technology have a higher sex price ratio than traditional polyester products

avantium company has signed a preliminary cooperation agreement with NatureWorks, a natural plastic resin manufacturer under Cargill company of the United States. The two sides jointly developed polyester products with the "xYx" trademark, and said that the manufacturing standard gb10586 of the environmental experimental equipment requires that the products have similar characteristics with inert plastic pet, which can be used to produce green bulk polymers

in addition, the two sides also plan to further test the characteristics of the polyester product to evaluate its practical application in the fields of textile fiber, packaging, automobile, coating and engineering plastics, and develop its application in the process of poly acyl, which is not limited to planar component amines, polyurethane and other chemical fields

unlike some other green polymers, xYx polymers can be made from furan. However, furan can be obtained by pyrolysis of cellulose solids such as pine

the head of avantium said: "As you can see, most of the green chemicals used to replace petroleum chemicals are made of furan. The preparation process of furan is simple, and it can be obtained only after removing the water molecules in carbohydrates. The application of furan products leads to sinusoidal and rectangular waves. Generally, simple sensors generally produce rectangular waveforms; however, in a wide range of fields, researchers, companies and politicians agree that furan has great market potential. However, so far However, because no one can realize the low-cost production of furans, their utilization value has always been regarded as a sleeping giant. " So remember to be careful when choosing. Researchers from avantium have successfully developed a new technology that can directly convert organisms into furans by using catalysts. At the same time, the company also plans to build a pilot plant of xYx technology this year to optimize the production process of furan in order to develop more xYx products. "

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