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If you want to know the quality of a product, it depends on the market reaction. If you want to know the quality of a brand, it depends on word-of-mouth and strength. The whole wardrobe brand Deville was born in 2005 and has served thousands of households so far. Is the overall wardrobe brand Deville good? This problem depends on Deville himself

a good brand is one that has experienced the test of the market but still stands. Although the overall wardrobe industry is a better one in the whole furniture and building materials circle, after so many years of development, many brands have been eliminated in the market. De Ville is still alive today. Since 2005, Deville has steadily found its own development path, and successfully transformed into a broader house wide customized brand in 2016. It was also in this year that Deville established his own online shopping mall and began a new mode of Furniture Customization. In the mall, we can see various styles of Deville furniture products,

colorful four seasons, Avir, Prague, Le bar home, Nordic impression, golden earl, Champs Elysees, colorful city, Southeast Asia sunshine, oriental ancient charm. These series are all customized in the whole house. Their styles are European, Southeast Asian, American and Chinese. They are diverse and very beautiful. In addition, there are shutters, leather art, finishes, mix and match, blisters, and through a variety of collocations, the ever-changing wardrobe styles are derived, and the style changes are more diverse. In the same year, the golden Earl series and the colorful four seasons series of de Ville also obtained the national appearance patent certificate

2016 is a year of great changes for Deville, not only as an overall wardrobe brand, but also as a whole house customized furniture and, which can also greatly improve its production strength. In Conghua, the overall wardrobe brand Deville has a second factory, the production area and the number of production lines have doubled, and the production equipment are all from Germany, which has perfectly realized automation and digitalization. German Haomai production line, universal coating production line, German winconair blister production system... The production strength of Deville

is already one of the best in the industry. Whether the brand of the whole wardrobe is good? Only after having really experienced the furniture products of dewell and inspected the products of dewell can we really answer this question. However, whether customized or franchised, it's good to choose Deville

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