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the decoration of new houses is a very cumbersome thing. There are many details that we should be careful about. There are many steps in the decoration of new houses. Of course, there will be a lot of trouble in these steps. Take a look at the precautions and methods of decoration with Xiaobian

at the beginning of the decoration of the new house, we must measure the area of our home. It is best to conceive the overall concept of the house according to our own living habits

after the theme is demolished and modified, it is necessary to measure the cabinet for the purpose of the subsequent water and electricity transformation. Carefully check whether each socket affects the placement of household appliances; Whether the water meter for measuring the water level is properly placed

when installing the kitchen and bathroom, all relevant things of the kitchen and bathroom must be installed to avoid covering the thread head and opening position

it should be noted that the measurement of the door must be carried out after the main body is disassembled, because the manufacturing time of the door is a little long. The door can be installed after the cabinet is installed by measuring and making in advance

in terms of floor installation, we must find relevant workers to check whether the ground is flat, otherwise the overall effect will be affected. Make sure there is no moisture on the ground before laying the floor

the wallpaper can be pasted the next day after the floor is laid, and the key point is to ensure the cleanness of the wall

in terms of home decoration, the first thing to consider is the rationality of the overall layout, and the placement of kitchen appliances and bathroom items must be clearly considered. Use the hanging cabinet and corner as much as possible to improve the utilization of space; The most important thing about the house is the effect of lighting. Enough lighting can make the room warm and comfortable

there will be many precautions in the decoration of new houses. The following editor will introduce them one by one. First, the floor tiles laid during the decoration of the new house cannot be all marble. Its weight is relatively heavy. If all marble is used, it will increase the bearing burden of the floor slab

the second is not to make holes in the load-bearing wall, which will reduce the seismic capacity of the building. Third, when decorating the bathroom, we must carry out water test in advance. If there is no leakage, we can enter the decoration, but we should also be careful when decorating. Then, don't stick all the plates on the decoration of the wall, which will not only cost high, but also make the space of the whole room smaller

when decorating the interior of the kitchen, we must ensure the safety of equipment and gas pipelines to prevent accidents. Try not to disassemble the circuit without permission to prevent affecting the normal operation of the system

conclusion: I believe that after carefully reading the knowledge introduced to you by Xiaobian, you will be able to decorate the new house in the future, and decorate the house beautifully, naturally and fresh, so Xiaobian will be satisfied

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