Acceptance points of interior decoration carpentry

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Carpentry is a major part of home decoration. Interior decoration carpentry accounts for a large proportion of home decoration. The decoration effect is often determined by some decoration details, so we should pay special attention to the acceptance of interior decoration carpentry. The following editor introduces the acceptance points of interior decoration carpentry

key points of interior decoration woodworking acceptance:

1. The surface should be flat: whether the decoration woodworking project is broken. Ensure that the decorative surface of the woodworking project is flat without bulge or damage

2. The corner should be 90 degrees: whether the corner of decoration is accurate. Normal corners are all 90 degrees, except for special decoration design factors

3. The mosaic should be tight: whether the decoration mosaic is tight and accurate. For the correct decoration of wood parquet, there should be no gap between each other or maintain a unified spacing distance

4. The shape should be smooth: whether the radian and roundness of decoration are smooth and smooth. In addition to a single one, multiple people with the same decoration modeling should also ensure the consistency of modeling

5. Cabinet door is normal: whether the cabinet door switch is normal. When the cabinet door is opened, it should be operated easily without abnormal sound

6. The cabinet body is connected to the wall seamlessly: there should be no gap between the fixed cabinet body and the wall

7. Straight and flat structure: whether the decoration structure is straight and flat. Whether horizontal or vertical, the correct carpentry decoration practice should be straight and flat

8. Items should be symmetrical: whether the decorative carpentry items are symmetrical

9. No nail holes on the panel: whether the nail holes on the decorative panel have been repaired. Of course, this is the work of painters, but it is mentioned here because it exists in woodworking projects

10. Symmetrical corner line: whether the corner line connection of decorative ceiling is smooth, and whether there is obvious misalignment and deformation

11. The anchor line should be straight: whether the anchor line is installed straight and accurately off the ground after decoration

12. The ceiling is flat and free of deformation: whether the ceilings of toilets and kitchens such as aluminum gusset plates and PVC gusset plates are flat and free of deformation after decoration

13. The cabinet door handle is correct: whether the cabinet door handle lock is installed in the correct position and opened normally after decoration

14. Whether the door leaves open normally and the door seams are dense: whether the bedroom doors and other door leaves open normally after decoration. In the closed state, the upper, left and right door seams should be tight, and the lower door seam should be appropriate, generally 12.5px is preferred

the relevant information about interior decoration carpentry is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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