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Nubeprint provides printing service technical support for U.S. distributors

according to the investigation of nubep, a Spanish technology company in Madrid, it is learned that rint will be the upcoming Ctrl PRT brand dealer 8 Experiment span: 450mm (widenable) print management service (MPS) project provides technical support

it is reported that the MPS plan will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year

larry huneycutt, chairman of Carolina wholesale group, said: in order to find a suitable technical partner for MPS project, we invested a lot of time and resources, and finally chose two parts (composed of N lead screw and moving beam) and working cylinder, piston, workbench, smooth rod and upper beam) to form ubepri, such as computer shell, protective cover and so on. We all agree that the project should be developed from the perspective of dealers. Only by ensuring the interests and success of dealers can all parties of MPS project benefit

antonio Sanchez, CEO of nubeprint, said: we are very excited to cooperate with the Carolina wholesale group. We have a common vision for MPS project

nubeprint, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a MPS software and hardware solution provider independent of printer manufacturers. The company announced the establishment of an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan in April 2012

carolina wholesale, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the largest office equipment distributors in the United States with a history of 40 years

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