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Novice on the road: basic theoretical knowledge about offset printing

1 The origin of offset printing in 1969, the Germans invented lithography, and then the metal plate printing was successful. At the beginning, they just printed the pictures and pictures directly on the paper, and the indirect printing was much better than the direct printing on the rough paper. Therefore, the rubber cloth roller was added, which was pushed over time to form the current offset printing

2. The components of the offset press

transmission system, paper feeding part and paper delivery are equipped with a small yellow car (source: BASF official) mechanism equipped with BASF "running shoe tire", and the printing part and paper receiving part

3. Offset printing completion process

a stack of paper is separated and advanced one by one by Feida, the paper is sent to the front gauge by the paper feeding device, the side gauge is positioned, and then the paper is transferred to the embossing cylinder by the paper feeding tooth (that is, the rear gun embossing cylinder carries the paper through the extrusion of the rubber cylinder and the embossing cylinder, that is, the image and text of the plate are transmitted to the rubber cylinder), and the printing is completed. The printed paper is handed over to the paper receiving cylinder by the embossing cylinder, and transmitted through the chain, The printing is completed after the whole paper is collected by the whole paper mechanism

4. Offset press specification and brand

offset press has folio, four open, eight open and full power on. The better and advanced offset printing machines made in China are the offset printing machines produced by Beijing People's machinery factory, referred to as Beiman machine for short, and Yingkou 1800 Series and Weihai series; The joint venture includes Weihai Hamada series; In foreign countries, we have more contact with hydeburg, Roland, which is not only a simple way to add graphene to resin, but also Japan's Komori Mitsubishi

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