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Deputies to the National People's Congress suggested strengthening the comprehensive utilization of foamed plastic tableware. At the fifth session of the Tenth National People's Congress, Li Guoqiang, a deputy to the National People's Congress, pointed out that the time to eliminate foamed plastic tableware is not ripe, and the competent authorities should timely adjust the relevant prohibition policies and strengthen supervision and management

the policies and measures put forward by liguoqiang include: first, in terms of environmental protection performance, service performance and price, and also the delicate part - sensor volume, foamed plastic tableware still has the value of production and use, but it should be recycled and reused at the national level. Disposable tableware of other materials that meet the relevant national standards also have their own characteristics and advantages, and should be freely selected by consumers according to the law of market economy. Second, enterprises engaged in the production of disposable tableware must pass the QS certification. Enterprises that fail to pass the certification are not allowed to enter the market. Products that do not meet the national quality requirements and health standards must be traced to the end. Third, no matter what kind of disposable tableware production enterprises are engaged in, they must follow the principles of "who pollutes, who controls, and who pays" and "the producer is responsible" for environmental pollution control, bear the economy of waste recycling and reuse, and pay the relevant pollution control fees according to the production output to improve the service life and reliability of the whole machine. Fourth, organize and summarize as soon as possible the successful experience of Shanghai in implementing the "three cent project" to control "white pollution" and temperature, and then comprehensively promote it after piloting in qualified provinces and cities. Fifth, enterprises engaged in the production of disposable tableware should establish relevant industry associations as soon as possible, strengthen industry self-discipline, support and participate in the treatment of environmental pollution generated in the production, sales and use of the industry

the problem of "white pollution" caused by foamed plastic tableware has been widely concerned by the society, and it has been banned since 6 years ago. However, up to now, the consumption and production of foamed plastic tableware have increased instead of decreasing. At present, the number of enterprises engaged in the production of foamed plastic tableware in China has increased by at least 50% compared with 2000, and its production capacity has also increased by more than 30%. Notch broaching machine is specially used to prepare various samples

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