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Troubleshooting of the folding machine of beiren jj204 two-color web offset press

the folding part of beiren jj204 two-color web offset press, which produces or manufactures rockets that can be recycled and repeatedly launched, is equipped with jzy101 folding machine. The folding machine can fold 16 open book posts and 32 open double book posts. When the folding size changes, such as changing from 16 to 32, the folding machine needs to be properly adjusted. If the adjustment is improper, the problem of dropping the books often occurs, that is, when the machine is at a slow speed, the 32 open books are normally transported forward, but when the machine speed is accelerated, the books cannot be transported out, but are wrapped in the folding drum, or half of them are loaded by the paper cutter, and the other half are clamped in another book, which may cause traffic jam or even block the folding machine. This phenomenon is commonly known as post dropping. The following are some reasons and solutions for the post loss summarized by the author in his work

1. Dropper problem

because the dropper has been used for a long time, on the one hand, the thread on the surface of the dropper is ground flat, which reduces the friction on the surface of the dropper; On the other hand, the tip of the hanging needle was bald, and its length became shorter, which made it unable to hang the book posts, causing disorderly opening and dropping of posts

solution: replace the hanging needle

2. Zigzag paper cutter problem

due to long-term use, the paper cutter is seriously worn, and the actual use height of the paper cutter is reduced, resulting in the paper can not be cut when it is in use, affecting the next folding work

solution: replace the saw blade. Note: the new knife should not be too high when replacing, so as not to accelerate the damage of the knife pad

3. Rubber strip knife pad problem

due to long-term use, the knife edge becomes deeper and wider, and the paper tape is cut continuously, resulting in wrapping roller and falling paste

solution: replace the knife pad

4. Brush problem

when installing the brush, if the book sticker is too light, the 32 open book sticker is prone to short; If the book stickers are too heavy, they will brush the incompletely dried imprints. If the brush tightening force of the wool board brush on the book stickers is greater than the clamping force of the two fold splint on the book stickers, the 8-opening Book stickers will not be transmitted, resulting in dropping and disorderly tension

solution: adjust the brush tightening force of the wool board properly

5. Folding blade problem

the new blade is produced by stamping. After stamping, the blade edge has slight curling and small burrs. These burrs are not conducive to the retraction action of the folding knife. When the folding knife retracts, the burrs will hook the book sticker out of the splint, so these burrs must be removed before the new blade is used to make the blade edge smooth

solution: polish the knife edge with fine oilstone or fine sandpaper

6. Installation of the folding knife base

the folding knife has a compression action when withdrawing the knife, that is, it rotates an angle around the centerline of the folding knife axis. Therefore, when installing the folding knife base, it is necessary to ensure that the shaft head hole of the folding knife base is concentric with the folding knife shaft, so that the folding knife can rotate flexibly without being stuck

solution: install the folding knife base correctly. While tightening the bolts, gently shake the folding knife back and forth

7. The first horizontal folding knife and the splint fit problem

(1) the height of the folding knife

the height of the folding knife blade is too low, and the amount of books clamped by the clamping plate is very small, or even can not be clamped, which is not conducive to the splint to transfer books; The blade of the folding knife is too high. Although the splint holds a lot of books, the opening of the splint is limited, which will make it difficult for the folding knife to return the knife. It is possible to pull out the books, resulting in folding failure

solution: adjust the height of the folding knife blade to the appropriate position

(2) relative position of folding knife blade and splint

splint consists of fixed splint and movable splint. The folding knife blade is too close to the fixed splint, which will cause the phenomenon that the knife withdrawal has been completed but the movable splint has not been completely closed, resulting in the book out of control; The folding knife blade is too close to the movable splint, which is equivalent to increasing the height of the folding knife blade, which will make it difficult to withdraw the knife and pull out the book post

solution: adjust the relative position between the folding knife blade and the splint so that the folding knife blade is about 2/5 away from the fixed splint and about 3/5 away from the movable splint

8. The second horizontal folding knife and splint matching problem

causes and solutions are similar to Article 7. However, at this time, the thickness of the book has doubled, and the opening amount of the splint is slightly less than that of a splint (about 9.8mm to reduce the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal). In addition, the adjustment here is directly related to the size of the 32 book opening. Therefore, the accuracy of the adjustment is required to be higher, and the operation should be more careful

9. 32 open cam problem

(1) old and new cam problem

if the cam is used for a long time and the working face is seriously worn, the opening of the splint will be reduced, affecting the advance and retreat of the folding knife

solution: replace the cam

(2) installation position of the cam in the circumferential direction

the cam is installed too far forward, the first fold splint opens too early, and the second fold splint has not fully caught the book post, which will cause the book post to be out of control; The cam is too backward, the first splint opens late, the second splint has been closed, and the first splint has not been loosened. Two pairs of splints grab posts at the same time, resulting in post dropping and disordered opening

the surface hardness increases with the increase of filler

solution: jog the machine and adjust the 32 open cam to the appropriate position

in addition, if the paper conveyor is not adjusted properly, the paper feeding is too slow, resulting in excessive tension of the paper belt, which will also lead to the phenomenon of falling stickers. At this time, after the machine is pressed, the paper tape will make a "bang bang" sound. Under normal circumstances, do not easily adjust the stepless variable speed paper conveyor to avoid unnecessary trouble

the above is the author's superficial analysis of the failure of falling and disordered opening caused by improper adjustment of the folding machine according to the folding order of the book. There are many reasons for the post dropping fault in actual production, which require the operator to carefully analyze and identify in actual work, so as to eliminate the fault in the shortest time. (end)

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