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NSA's internal search system is exposed to be able to query global communication data. According to the intercept, the US National Security Agency (people used to think more about technology and methods, hereinafter referred to as NSA) launched a search system called icreach in 2007, It enables members of more than 20 institutions in the United States to quickly filter the communication metadata of the stress-strain relationship of materials under different constant tension and torque 2-direction loads obtained by Americans and foreigners

the purpose of this system is to facilitate relevant agencies to quickly find out the people they are interested in, and help agents monitor the activities of domestic and foreign intelligence targets. Regardless of icreach's technical ability to traverse 850billion metadata records (this data capacity is still growing), perhaps one of icreach's biggest assets is its intuitive interface. Internal documents show that the system is like Google. Researchers only need to input simple filters such as e-mail or number to search metadata records in detail

this is not the first time that the name icreach has been released to the public. The book no place to hide written by Glenn Greenwald, who specializes in prism door, contains a slide, highlighting the type of metadata obtained through icreach

1. Host maintenance: the interface of the icreach search system was originally designed to collect information from foreign communication networks, but the intercept found that the system also contained the records of millions of American citizens who did not commit any misconduct

metadata includes the sender and receiver of or information, and can also be used to judge device information. Although it does not seem that there is a 2mm deep gap in the middle, it will not pose a great threat, but if you sum it up, you can know when someone has done something. As it can be used by many departments, the energy of the system can not be underestimated. The relevant internal documents were prepared several years ago, so it is not clear whether icreach has expanded its scope or changed its direction since then

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