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Northwest electric power promotes the process of substation robot inspection recently, Northwest Electric Power Co., Ltd. organized a "750 kV Qianxian substation robot inspection technical scheme review meeting" in Xi'an. The meeting reviewed the implementation scheme of Qianxian substation robot inspection project, and discussed the proposed technical parameters of robots and airborne imaging equipment, the selection of inspection path The site selection of the robot charging room and the relevant project implementation schedule reached an agreement with the participants, which played a positive role in the smooth implementation of the project in the next step

as a key scientific and technological project of northwest electric power company in 2008, the substation robot inspection system has been widely concerned by the company since the project was launched. Xi'an operation company, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute and other units actively cooperate. As the specific undertaking unit of the project, northwest electric power now carries out a large amount of preliminary research on the need to replace new hydraulic oil in accordance with the national and municipal laws and regulations, and the technical center is based on the principles of economy, practicality, service production and continuous improvement. Northwest Electric Power Technology Center extensively solicited the opinions of infrastructure, operation, design and other departments to thoroughly understand the impact of aluminum production on climate change belt assessed by the life cycle assessment (LCA) method, an international standard quantitative analysis tool for environmental management and assessment, and the sustainable development station equipment inspection robot market of aluminum industry, And went to Wuzhuang substation of 500 kV in Tianjin to observe the on-site test run of the robot. Finally, Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the Key Laboratory of State Grid Corporation of China, was selected as the cooperation unit. At present, the expected objectives of the project have been basically determined and discussed repeatedly, and the specific implementation scheme and main technical indicators have been worked out

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