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Deputies to the National People's Congress offered good policies for the economy and people's livelihood, and proposed to improve the lighting of school classrooms. The opening of the subway will open the underground lines of the city and make it more convenient for citizens to travel. However, the subsequent improvement and renovation of ground roads has become the focus of urban infrastructure construction... During the third session of the 14th Municipal People's Congress, I approached the deputies to the people's Congress to listen to the voice of the "two sessions". What aspects of urban infrastructure construction need to be upgraded? What are the good measures for implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy These question marks ask the expectations of the citizens, and the suggestions and good policies of the representatives are merged into a sea

urban construction suggests accelerating the comprehensive renovation and improvement of Yinhai Avenue in Liangqing District

status quo: on December 28 last year, Nanning Metro Line 2 was successfully opened to traffic. The subway line passes through Yinhai Avenue in Liangqing district for about 8.5 kilometers. The underground network of the whole section of the road is very smooth and fast, but at present, there are potholes everywhere on the ground

it can be seen from the site that the temporary enclosure of the whole section of Yinhai Avenue has been removed, but compared with other urban roads, the flatness of the road is poor. Although many parts of the road have been repaired in blocks, there are still many potholes everywhere. Nearby residents said that Yinhai Avenue connects Yudong logistics park and comprehensive bonded zone, and also connects to the city's expressway. It is the place where many large trucks pass by. New potholes are found while the pavement is being repaired. At the same time, the ground traffic signs in some sections have lost their function, bringing great inconvenience to night driving

some citizens said that the surface of Minzu Avenue in the East and the road in the west of Metro Line 1 had been upgraded last year. The road was flat and the driving experience was getting better and better. They believe that such transformation and upgrading can be promoted and used for reference in Yinhai Avenue

suggestions: Liangqing District D) the delegation representative Wang Chuan, who is responsible for the determination results and production date of this batch of products, suggests that the municipal government should make an overall arrangement of funds as soon as possible to carry out the overall reconstruction and upgrading of the 8km road surface of Yinhai Avenue and restore the middle green belt of the road that needs to be eradicated in some sections due to construction. At the same time, check the damage of underground sewage pipelines caused by subway construction along the line, carry out the transformation and upgrading of supporting facilities along the line, and avoid problems such as poor drainage and sewage discharge caused by bad weather

it is suggested to speed up the improvement of the municipal supporting works of Nanning West Railway Station

status quo: Nanning West Railway Station officially opened on May 15, 2016, connecting with Nanning east railway station and Nanning railway station. According to the construction plan, Nanning west railway station directly serves the suburbs of Tanluo, Jinling, Shuangding, Shibu and Xiangsi Lake University City, with a total population of nearly 600000. It also covers 1million people in towns and townships around longan, Chongzuo, Fusui and Daxin. It is an important traffic guarantee for Nanning's urban development strategy of "West Construction and East Expansion"

however, as there is no direct bus from Nanning west railway station to these surrounding villages and towns, passengers and citizens, especially those in Tanluo and Jinling, have a strong reaction

suggestion: liangjieyan, the representative of XiXiangTang District, etc., suggested that the project of connecting Nanning southwest entrance Avenue Project through a series of transmission mechanism and the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device should be included in this year's highway traffic engineering construction plan or urban and rural planning and construction project, and should be started as soon as possible. At the same time, it is suggested that the transportation department of Nanning should take the lead to open the bus line from Shibu station of Metro Line 1 to Nanning west station through Jinling town and Tanluo town as soon as possible (about 30 kilometers in the whole journey), so as to ensure that the people of surrounding cities, counties and towns can travel more conveniently and quickly to the west station

science, education, culture and health suggest to improve the light environment in primary and secondary schools and protect students' eyesight

current situation: the long-term uncontrollable myopia rate of students has aroused widespread concern. The sampling survey results show that among the 19 primary and secondary schools in Nanning, the myopia rate in primary schools is 37%, that in junior middle schools is 55%, and that in senior middle schools is 74%. With the increase of school age, the number of eye use increases, and the rate of poor eyesight appears a climbing trend

in addition to the generally recognized excessive eye use of students' electronic products in their spare time, the research shows that the poor classroom lighting environment is one of the direct main reasons for the decline of students' eyesight. In particular, at present, the school lighting generally has the problems of low illumination, glare, stroboscopic light and low color rendering index, which can not prevent the occurrence of myopia and high energy consumption and low efficiency. Therefore, the importance and urgency of improving classroom lighting and protecting students' eyesight is self-evident

suggestions: fengqingneng, the representative of Qingxiu District delegation, etc., suggested that relevant lighting experts should be invited to regularly organize relevant personnel of the education system to participate in classroom health, light and environment science popularization activities, so as to comprehensively enhance the city's attention to classroom lighting and guide the school to upgrade and transform classroom lighting

at the same time, quality supervision departments at all levels and education administrative departments should cooperate closely to gradually carry out lighting and lighting inspection of primary and secondary school classrooms throughout the city, investigate the overall situation of classroom lighting in the city, and formulate implementation plans for classroom lighting transformation according to the situation

according to the comprehensive data, although the cost of full eye protection LED professional classroom lighting products produced by domestic enterprises with relevant qualifications is higher than that of fluorescent lamps and ordinary LED light source tubes, their eye protection effect is significant, and they have the characteristics of energy saving, long service life and no maintenance. Therefore, the delegates suggested to use high-quality LED classroom lighting products with full eye care in schools throughout the city to achieve eye care, efficiency enhancement and energy saving

it is suggested to further strengthen the operation capacity of the rural bookstore

current situation: the rural bookstore is a public welfare cultural facility established to meet the cultural needs of farmers and enrich their lives. At present, there are 1395 rural bookstores equipped and constructed according to the standards in the city. After nearly 10 years of construction and operation, although some achievements have been made, there are still many problems to be paid attention to and improved in the operation of bookstores

for example, due to the single service function of rural bookstores, the low reading rate, and the lack of four types of bookstores: related funds, it is not conducive to carrying out all kinds of reading activities and daily operation, resulting in the inability to carry out reading guidance activities for farmers and to form a good sustainable reading atmosphere

suggestion: hexueying, the representative of the delegation of Liangqing District, suggested that we should focus on exploring, expanding and extending the functions of the rural bookstore in many ways, so as to make it a place for learning and exchange, a window for market information transmission, and further gather popularity. In addition, relevant departments should start to study, strive to form a diversified investment mechanism, and actively absorb social funds to ensure the follow-up operation and development capacity of the rural bookstore

at the same time, relevant departments should formulate corresponding policies and measures to encourage and guide institutions and groups from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about culture and reading promotion to develop rural bookstores, and rely on rural bookstores, an important position and platform of rural culture, to carry out all kinds of reading activities for the whole people for a long time, so as to guide farmers to love reading, read more, read good books, learn policies, learn knowledge Xueji has also made a polycarbonate masterpiece such as iphone5c, which provides convenience for the masses to learn and knowledge guarantee for the masses to get rid of poverty and become rich

Rural Revitalization proposal introduction of Rural Revitalization strategic support policies

current situation: in recent years, Nanning has made many achievements in agricultural and rural development, and the production and living standards of farmers have also been significantly improved. The countryside has become a beautiful and livable new space for production and living. However, there are still some problems in agricultural and rural development

for example, the industrialization of agricultural advantages mostly stays on the scale, the industrial chain is not long, and there is no effective integration with the secondary and tertiary industries; Weak infrastructure and insufficient investment restrict the further development of advantageous industries; The standardization of agricultural products in agricultural advantageous industries is not high enough, there are few well-known brands, the product efficiency is not high, and the ability to increase farmers' income is not strong; The scale of leading enterprises is small, the driving ability is not strong, and the product sales are not smooth

suggestions: huxuedong, the delegation representative of Yongning District, etc., proposed to establish the implementation Department of Rural Revitalization Strategy, comprehensively coordinate the work of Rural Revitalization Strategy, and clarify the scope and methods of support. The scope of support includes: rural infrastructure construction, industrial project development, cultivation of new agricultural business entities, quality improvement project of new professional farmers, etc

in addition, the delegates also suggested that the incentive mechanism for industrial development should be innovated, and the policy measures of replacing subsidies with awards and driving projects should be improved to ensure that the policy is open, transparent, continuous and stable, and give play to the cumulative effect. In accordance with the requirements of "unified objectives, unchanged channels, reasonable division of labor and orderly management", we will integrate financial funds for supporting agriculture at all levels, increase support, and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of characteristic and advantageous industries

it is suggested to set up a large agricultural science and technology market

current situation: at present, Nanning has not yet had a perfect and large agricultural science and technology market. The original Nanning agricultural science and technology market was withdrawn a few years ago, and now there is only the agricultural science and technology market in the Autonomous Region. However, the market covers a small area and there are few operating varieties, especially the agricultural mechanization equipment, chemical fertilizer, fruit seedlings, new product promotion and other materials urgently needed by farmers

the survey shows that the farming level and scientific and technological content of Agricultural Mechanization in Nanning are generally low, too much manpower is invested but not very efficient, and the farming cost is high. This phenomenon is largely related to the popularization of new agricultural machinery. Coupled with market, weather, disasters and other factors, it is difficult for farmers to increase their income every year

suggestions: the delegation of XiXiangTang District, on behalf of Lin Heneng, etc., proposed to build a large agricultural science and technology market, solve the bottleneck of agricultural development in Nanning, accelerate the development of agricultural modernization, and provide a strong platform for farmers to continuously increase their income and realize the strategy of township revitalization

after the completion of the agricultural science and technology market, farmers can buy high-quality and low-cost pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and seedlings in one place, as well as modern sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment, as well as advanced agricultural machinery and equipment. They can also introduce new excellent varieties and master new scientific planting and breeding knowledge, so as to benefit the majority of farmers

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