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Hurco: at the forefront of "man-machine dialogue"

"we are the first enterprise in the world to propose man-machine dialogue", said Dong Yuehong, manager of Shanghai Branch of Ningbo hurco Trading Co., Ltd. On the hurco booth, the logo of "intelligent, efficient and man-machine dialogue" can be seen everywhere. More skilled ① installation of tensile testing machine and preliminary accuracy correction technicians show the process of "man-machine dialogue" to customers on site

at the 11th China International Machine Tool Exhibition, hurco's booth covers an area of more than 130 square meters, mainly in black and white, with a simple and lively style. In order to attract customers, they also specially launched a special machine tool, wm10, with a price of only 269000 yuan

man machine dialogue "moves" with the times.

"energy conservation and environmental protection are our constant pursuit." Dong Yuehong said while taking the author to a machine tool marked vm10, "the plexiglass cover of this machine tool can be dust-proof, but at this time, an energy-saving lamp is designed to keep the lighting good, and we try to reduce the noise during the operation of the machine without causing great harm to the surrounding environment." Say, operate on the small screen of vm10, and demonstrate "man-machine dialogue" to us on site

as the company that first proposed the idea of man-machine dialogue in the world in the 1980s, hurco's R & D technology has always had its own core competitiveness. "The so-called man-machine dialogue actually refers to that the turning center and machining center of hurco are equipped with the winmax control system. The operator only needs to directly select the machining contour on the AutoCAD geometry, input the machining method and tool parameters, and the winmax system is easy to use." Dongyuehong patiently introduced their technical advantages to us

with regard to the company's after-sales service, Dong Yuehong specifically mentioned network consulting. "At present, this service item has been programmed into the winmax operating system of the machine tool, and the subsequent service items are being followed up and improved in the near future. A major feature of this service is that it can send consulting reports, enter the corresponding stations, and quickly get the latest technical support and after-sales service. With this system, customers can enjoy the benefits of remote diagnosis. If there is a problem with the machine tool, they can directly click the Internet option, and our engineers can Providing help is one of the core competitiveness of hurco "

In 1998, hurco developed a Chinese version of its famous UltimaX CNC system and entered the Chinese market. In order to better support and serve the growing customer base, HEC Shanghai Representative Office was officially established in 2002. In November 2005, HEC machine tool (China) technical service center instigated Dengliang to be officially established in Shenzhen

previously, hurco's sales in Chinese Mainland accounted for a small proportion of its global sales. However, due to the huge potential market in the mainland, the company and Ningbo put into production last year to build the first Chinese production base. "The vm1020303 machine tools you see are just produced by Ningbo HEC factory. They are relatively low-end CNC machine tools. Higher end machine tools are produced in Taipei, Taiwan. Our main business here is sales."

Dong Yuehong explained to the author that "first of all, Ningbo is a port with convenient transportation and good traditional manufacturing industry. The head office intends to build Ningbo into the second production base in the world." Referring to the inland sales strategy and prospects, Dong Yuehong was full of confidence. "Our production goal this year is 80 sets of tightening experiments, which are often used to study the performance of materials. Although the main sales customers were in the southern region: Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc., and their popularity was relatively low in the north, we also want to improve the brand awareness and expand the northern market."

as a branch of hurco, the largest partner of hurco in China is BYD Co., Ltd., a domestic automobile manufacturer. "No company can take all of them. We have our own customer base. We mainly explore the Chinese market through agents in various regions." Dongyuehong said

when the author asked whether the global economic crisis would affect the production and sales of the company, Dong Yuehong said: "the impact must be there, but it is not very obvious. The costs of raw materials and human resources are rising. We have to find ways to reduce and save costs, but we have not laid off staff this year."

"as a major customer of hurco in China, BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. has not reduced its orders this year. The machine tool industry should be affected by the financial crisis from October last year to February this year, and it has a warming trend since March. For our customer BYD, the car output this year is still higher than that of last year, so our orders also increase." Dongyuehong said

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