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Huntsman materials are used to produce Code8 racing boats

but I don't know that carbon fiber Innovation Co., Ltd. selected Huntsman's processing and production materials for the construction of new designed carbon fiber composite racing boats Code8

Code8 designed by Andrej Justin, the rowing designer of the American Cup, is a kind of rowing with light water drainage and high performance. Carbon fiber innovation decided to use Huntsman's products after consulting with farix Co., Ltd., Huntsman's distributor in Hungary. CAD data was originally used to produce yacht plug-ins with low shrinkage and smooth surface finish

vacuum casting thermal curing system (GL certified ara Shandong Radio and television station 1 public opinion survey ldite 1564 ly/aradur 2954) mold is used to produce hull and deck, epoxy adhesive (GL certified Araldite 2015) makes it bond together to form a waterproof, weather resistant, durable and elastic joint, and the thermal curing system has excellent mechanical, dynamic and thermal properties. This high temperature resistant system is also suitable for ships with dark colors, such as black or dark blue. Other components include the mast and rudder, which use the Araldite prepreg system (eloda ly 1556/eloda 1573/catalyst 1571/hardener XB 3403) and are used in combination with the prepreg machine independently developed by carbon fiber innovation. The system has GL certification and can also be used for hand pasting, winding and resin transfer, which also brings more opportunities for molding (RTM) process

"the whole project uses Huntsman's products and systems to optimize our management time and provide sources of technical process knowledge and product supply," said Tamas Simon, general manager of carbon fiber innovation company. "In fact, we are achieving cost-effectiveness, using the least waste and downtime to achieve the goal of time to market, and the quality of parts matches our design goals at each stage."

code8 will participate in the competition held in keszhely kenese on August 20, including the research and development of graphene composite conductive high molecular materials, the research and development of graphene composite semi conductive shielded power cables, and the research of product experimental methods. In September, it will participate in the TBS cup competition in centomiglia Lake Garda and Balaton lake

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