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Huntsman Dow Mitsui will appear at the 2011 polyurethane soft foam forum

"2011 International Polyurethane summit - soft foam forum" will be held in Foshan, Guangdong Province on May 27. Huntsman, Dow, Mitsui and other international chemical "giants" will appear at the forum one after another

recently, it was learned from the conference group of 2011 polyurethane soft foam forum that the upcoming soft foam forum has attracted the attention of the industry. So far, the number of participants has been close to 120. It is understood that the participating manufacturers not only involved downstream sponge and furniture manufacturers, but also attracted the attention of many upstream raw material manufacturers. Among them, there are some international "giants" in the chemical industry. Mitsui, Huntsman, Dow, CNOOC shell, KPX, Zibo Dexin Federation, and Tianjin sanpetrochemical will all appear at the forum

at present, American chemical giant Huntsman has decided to attend the meeting to make a report, exchange MDI technology with you, and discuss how to better develop new products and the challenges and opportunities faced by the current development of the soft bubble industry

The relevant person in charge of the organizer of the conference also revealed that compared with previous industry conferences, this polyurethane soft foam forum has made a major breakthrough in form, breaking the form and pattern of the previous traditional industry conference that can effectively detect the bursting pressure value of pipe fittings. It adopts the form of round table, and some issues will be interspersed in the middle of the conference for everyone to discuss. Therefore, the samples should be prepared into dumbbell forms according to the standard requirements, which fully reflects the conference atmosphere of equality, cooperation and communication, and provides a platform for delegates to discuss widely and express freely. It also brings participants a refreshing experience

at present, the number of participating enterprises is still increasing

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