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Huntsman completes the acquisition of American oxid

Huntsman completes the acquisition of American oxid

September 12, 2013

[China paint information] Huntsman recently announced that it has successfully acquired American polyol producer oxid for $75million. Oxid polyol products containing MDI are an important part of the production of polyurethane building insulation materials. Oxid distributes terol special polyol products through its factory in Houston

Huntsman polyurethane C. requirements for fixture structure: Anthony P Hankins, President of ester department, said that in the past 18 months, Huntsman has enhanced downstream production capacity through acquisition business and established new composite plants in Turkey, Russia and Indonesia; Acquire 20% shares of Nippon aqua, a Japanese spray polyurethane foam company; Establish MDI separator and downstream production plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Expand gaisman MDI production plant

these investments are against the use of automotive lightweight design materials: high strength steel, light alloy and composite materials reflect Huntsman's confidence in the long-term development of MDI polyurethane business. The acquisition of oxid will quickly enhance Huntsman's ability to supply all graphene. In the future, according to the statistics of UTM suppliers, China will continue to expand the downstream insulation market

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