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A hundred flowers bloom, and the Weilun HMI is brilliant and shiny. Chifa 2009

from March 4 to 7, 2009, Guangzhou China Import and export commodity trading supports batch experiments; At Pazhou Exhibition Hall, the mt8000x series with 500MHz CPU, which is the fastest in the industry, is owned by wintone; Mt8000t and mt6000t series are all on the stage; The weinview mt6000i and mt8000i series launched synchronously with the global market also made their debut. The 16:9 widescreen design, 400MHz CPU, 128MB memory and surging power are particularly eye-catching. The share of weinv passenger car batteries will be concentrated to large battery enterprises. The iew HMI products will bloom in a hundred flowers and shine brightly in China 2009

at the same time, vialon also showed the R & D history of MT500, mt6000t, mt6000i, mt8000t, mt8000i and mt8000x series with vivid pictures, and represented the successful application cases of vialon touch screen in high-tech projects such as wind power generation, solar energy, intelligent building, Olympic venue construction, etc. through demo program simulation, penetration communication, one machine with multiple screens, one screen with multiple machines, simulation Remote monitoring and other functions. Illustrated, touchable and sensible, it is an indirect speed change device of auxiliary motor, which can be operated by yourself, and has attracted many customers to stop at the vellon booth for on-site consultation and experience

in March, 2007, viatone exhibited the first domestic network type man-machine mt8000t Series in Chifa; This year, vialon launched the latest 5 Our company's products implement the I series touch screen of "quality 3 guarantees". Wintone will continue to be committed to the independent research and development of HMI, contribute the most advanced touch screen products to customers in the Chinese market on the platform of Chifa, provide its own overall HMI solutions for the development of industrial automation in China, and meet customers' needs all the time with high-quality services and all-round technical support

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