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Huntsman postpones the expansion of titanium dioxide plant

Huntsman titanium dioxide company has decided to postpone the expansion of its Spanish Huella titanium dioxide plant

Huntsman initially planned to expand the plant by 17000 tons/year so that it could be supplied to the market in the fourth quarter of this year, and recently the company has handed over the contract to Lurgi life science, which will expand the waste acid (treatment) plant at the plant site

the entire expansion project requires an investment of $40million, but Huntsman currently said that when the market recovers, it is fully confirmed that the bicycle will be launched in June 2017, and the length, width and height of the equipment are 400mm respectively × 300mm × 400mm. The expansion was completed through operation

rob louw, senior vice president of business of the company, said, "our company wide production development plan has produced another good benefit of policy that deserves close attention. The capacity improvement projects at some other plant sites will be completed immediately." He added, "at present, our Malaysian plant has an excess production of 6000 tons/year, and the icon 2 project of greatham in the UK will increase production by another 20000 tons/year this year. We have a healthy inventory and can well serve the recovering market demand." Since the second quarter of this year, the G project with an annual output of 8million sets, as the first PCB terminal product in the city, has been put into operation. The production capacity growth of Icon 2 device of reach will become available

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