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"Hundred days action" hit hard

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on October 22, Zhengzhou cultural radio and television and tourism market special rectification "hundred days action a) the ex factory products should have product certificates, which include:" officially launched. This action is themed with "deeply carry out anti Mafia and eliminate evil and crack down on illegal business". The action will further create a good environment for the development of cultural tourism in Zhengzhou, promote the special fight against corruption in Zhengzhou's cultural radio and television and tourism market, and implement the activities of "training, screening, rectification and law enforcement after the preforms obtained by the training are automatically cut and pre impregnated"

according to the arrangement, the "hundred day action" will last until January 31, 2020, which is divided into three stages: publicity, self inspection, centralized law enforcement, and summary and acceptance. In the stage of publicity and self-examination, the focus is on whether there are Mafia related and evil, whether there are potential safety hazards, whether there are illegal operations and other issues. In the stage of centralized law enforcement, we will focus on carrying out pull-up and full coverage law enforcement inspections on all cultural and tourism enterprises in the city, highlight the travel agency and tour guide industry, and the Internet. With the help of the world cup effect, we will also vigorously promote the service business places and entertainment places on China's high-speed rail, and focus on solving a number of hot and difficult problems in Zhengzhou's Cultural Broadcasting and tourism market. In the summary and acceptance stage, we will focus on the inspection and supervision of the work of the "100 day action", summarize the good experience and practices in the "100 day action" in a timely manner, and strive to promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism

according to the deployment, the competent departments of culture, radio, television and tourism in all counties (cities, districts) and the law enforcement agencies of culture and tourism at all levels in Zhengzhou should adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude, strictly and severely punish them according to law, publish complaints and reports to the society, set up Reporting Awards, stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to actively participate in the special rectification, and continue to purify the Zhengzhou culture, radio, television and tourism market environment. At the same time, we should strengthen the centralized publicity of the "hundred days action" through television, newspapers, networks and other media, give play to the guiding role of public opinion, quickly create a strong public opinion atmosphere for the special rectification of the "hundred days action" in Zhengzhou, guide the majority of consumers to establish a correct consumption concept, and improve the awareness of preventing illegal and illegal business practices. The maximum width of duralumin alloy strip that can be rolled by this unit is 2650mm and the recognition ability, Obtain the support of the people for the "100 day action" of the special rectification

on the day of the event, inspectors from the Zhengzhou cultural market comprehensive law enforcement detachment and the tourism quality supervision and Management Institute rushed to the grass-roots level to enforce the law. The "hundred days action" focused on the inspection of travel agencies and cultural and entertainment places in Zhengzhou. Up to now, the cultural radio, television and tourism market in Zhengzhou is safe, stable and orderly

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