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Huojia County, Henan Province is expected to find 2.6 billion tons of coal resources

Huojia County, Henan Province is expected to find 2.6 billion tons of coal resources

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according to the news released by the Henan Provincial Bureau of coal geology station, the detailed survey project of Machang coal in Huojia County, Henan Province is expected to obtain 2.6 billion tons of coal resources, and the reserves of coalbed methane are far beyond expectations

the project is a continuation project of the 2013 Provincial Geological Exploration Fund issued by the Department of land and resources of Henan Province. The block is located in Huojia county and Huixian city of Xinxiang City, Xiuwu County and Jiaozuo new area of Jiaozuo City, and the exploration area is 345.30 square kilometers

in March 2014, the detailed coal inspection project of Jiama plant undertaken by the third team of Henan Coal Geology Bureau was fully launched, with a work cycle of one year. At present, the project has made multiple discoveries, such as large coal seam thickness, shallower coal seam burial depth, large coal resources and considerable CBM reserves. The coal quality of this coal seam is anthracite with low ash, ultra-low sulfur, low phosphorus and high calorific value. It is a high-quality energy source for coal for thermal power generation, gasification and power

according to the data, the raw coal output of Henan Province in 2014 was 136 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 7.61%. Henan Province has a high degree of external dependence on energy consumption. The coal resource reserves of the detailed survey project of Machang coal in Huojia county have been significantly discovered, which will further provide coal energy guarantee for the economic development of the province. According to the existing data, there are still considerable coal resources around this block, and Huojia Machang is expected to become a new coal chemical industrial base with convenient operation in Henan Province

according to the medium and long-term energy development plan (2012-2030) issued by the people's Government of Henan Province in May 2013, by 2015, the total energy consumption of Henan Province is expected to be 290 million tons of standard coal, the total energy production will be 180 million tons, the coal production capacity will be 220 million tons, and the external dependence will reach 37.9%. The development plan puts forward the goal of doubling the GDP of Henan Province by 2020 compared with 2012, and the province's external dependence on energy may be further improved

in the overall layout of the development plan that this series of products can improve the sun protection index, Henan Province proposed to build a national large-scale coal base, with backbone coal enterprises as the main body, and the deep and peripheral mining areas such as Pingdingshan and Jiaozuo as the focus, accelerate the construction of modern large and medium-sized mines, promote safe, efficient and green coal mining, and strive to stabilize the coal production capacity, Improve the coal supply guarantee and emergency reserve capacity of the Central Plains economy in the case of insufficient grass-roots strength or high grass-roots surface humidity

according to the Ministry of land and resources, the new coal resource reserves in Henan Province in 2014 were 3.61 billion tons. In 2015, Henan Coal Geology Bureau will continue to do a good job in the implementation and management of the provincial coal geological exploration fund project, so as to provide reliable resource guarantee for the sustainable development of strategic planning in Henan Province

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