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KFC paper packaging

KFC Serbia is looking forward to the new paper packaging at the same time, which is about to replace its well-known cardboard boxes, the company announced. This is a global Kentucky Fried Chicken project, which aims to reduce 1400 tons of fast-food packaging weight that instruments work for a long time every year. Part of it is made of advanced steel materials such as steel for basic parts and high-performance marine engineering steel

the new paper packaging was introduced to the market on January 26, which not only reduced but100% decomposition. The move was seen as another step to prove the company's commitment to environmental protection. Br/

the packaging produced by Italian companies in the whole European market is one who also provides KFC Serbia and starts to bring new paper packaging as soon as possible. The Serbian branch will be happy to implement the reform, said Milena Stojanovic, marketing and public relations manager of KFC Serbia

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