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Keywords are easy to be ignored. Some food packaging "does not match the name"

although the commodity packaging law is still being formulated, the packaging of all kinds of food sold in the market is not impossible to rely on. Various laws and regulations formulated by the departments of health, quality supervision and industry and commerce can play a strict role in standardizing the packaging and marking of commodities. When visiting some Shencheng markets yesterday, it was found that "illegal" packaging and marking are not uncommon

phenomenon 1: keywords are easy to be ignored

I want to buy fruit juice, but I buy a fruit juice drink with only 10% fruit juice quality assurance; The yogurt did not exceed the shelf life, but it went bad because it was not stored according to the requirements of 0 ℃ -7 ℃ The important reason why many consumers have such experience is that some logos involving the key information of commodities are not eye-catching

comments: the general rules for the labelling of prepackaged food was implemented on October 1 this year. The "general rules" stipulates that all contents of food labels must ensure that consumers are eye-catching, easy to identify and read when buying and eating. All contents of pre packaged food labels shall not mislead consumers by using font size or color difference

phenomenon 2: food ingredients are vague

"the utilization fields of this new prepreg include aerospace, automobile and sporting goods, which are made of fresh potatoes". This is the raw material introduction of a brand of potato chips. The 7% income of yu'e Bao universal insurance is also possible. Consumers don't know what ingredients are used in this potato chip

comments: according to the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, the list of ingredients should be marked on the label of food, and the list of ingredients should be titled with "ingredients" or "list of ingredients", and various ingredients should be arranged according to the amount used in the preparation or processing of food

phenomenon 3: the "isolation" of bulk food is not complete

nowadays, major supermarkets have sales areas for bulk food, and the goods sold include candy, preserves and nuts. Consumers who buy bulk food often feel that it is difficult to obtain specific information about such food, such as shelf life, storage conditions, etc. The salesperson said that the outermost package of this kind of goods is usually marked in detail. Because the individual packaging of bulk food is small, or there is no packaging, it is difficult to label detailed information

comments: the food hygiene management specification for bulk food, which was implemented on January 1, 2004, requires that bulk food such as cold dishes, pickled vegetables and candied fruits must be clearly marked, including details of production date, ingredients, shelf life, eating method, storage conditions, etc., otherwise they cannot be sold on the market

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