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Application of super line anti-counterfeiting in cigarette label anti-counterfeiting

characteristics and types of super line anti-counterfeiting

Super line anti-counterfeiting is a kind of professional anti-counterfeiting printing technology that uses lines to prevent counterfeiting without increasing printing cost and anti-counterfeiting effect. Previously, it was mainly used in high-end professional printing fields such as paper money to create more value for users. With the improvement of cigarette label printing technology and the expanding market demand of cigarette label anti-counterfeiting downstream utilization, super line anti-counterfeiting printing technology has been widely used in cigarette label anti-counterfeiting printing

1. Main features of super line anti-counterfeiting

① fully use lines for anti-counterfeiting, and can produce rich curves, thickness, yin and Yang lines and other change types with high anti-counterfeiting performance, and the effect of this kind of lines cannot be copied by using general-purpose software

② anti counterfeiting is completed in the process of design and plate making, and no additional production costs such as paper, ink, auxiliary materials and management are added in the printing process

⑨ using optical principles, spectral technology, printing technology and other technical principles, together with the special Super line production software, we can achieve various anti-counterfeiting effects such as ground texture, relief and miniaturization, unlocking, latent image, splitting line and so on

④ it can effectively prevent the duplication of photography or electronic scanning. The super line anti-counterfeiting made by special software, the effect after printing is very clear lines, while the rough points are scanned. In particular, the lines have undergone irregular deformation. The width and spacing of the lines show irregular changes, which can hardly be imitated even by enlarging the pattern. There are also two-color curves. The application of Yin-Yang line curling and relief sets up various obstacles for the replicator, making complete replication almost impossible

2 types of hyperline used for cigarette label anti-counterfeiting

the main types of hyperline design used for cigarette label anti-counterfeiting are: ground pattern, relief, microfilm, etc

the ground pattern is mainly hung on or removed from the swing rod, and the corresponding swing thallium is used to make the anti-counterfeiting background. Generally, lighter and lighter colors are used. The use of large spacing and thin lines can only see a layer of light background color from a distance. Many thin lines can be found in the printing from a close distance or with a magnifying glass. On the bankbook and tax receipt of the bank, it is the typical application of the ground pattern, which can not affect the continuous writing and reading of the words printed on the ground pattern. As the application of the ground pattern on the cigarette label, it is mainly used in the glue position of the soft box or the tongue part of the hard box cigarette label. These places were blank before. Through the use of the ground pattern, we can give consideration to the anti-counterfeiting of the product. There are not many people who use the ground pattern on the main position of the cigarette label

relief anti-counterfeiting is generally used to stabilize ultraviolet radiation. After using lines and combining with the background, the relief program will produce a sculptural concave convex three-dimensional effect. This anti-counterfeiting technology has typical applications in train tickets and bank passbooks. It is mainly used for the brand name or main pattern of the product on the cigarette label, but this anti-counterfeiting effect will not be applied to the main pattern of the cigarette label. For example, the gold leaf cigarette label, in the tongue part of the hard box cigarette label, adopts the relief pattern, which fully reflects the cigarette brand "gold leaf three words

microfilm is to replace lines with words, English letters, numbers, etc., a thin line. A closer look with a magnifying glass reveals that it is composed of many words, English letters, numbers, etc. these curves can also be generated into more changes to enhance the anti-counterfeiting function. Especially in recent years, the maturity of laser engraving gravure technology and equipment has made the application of micro characters in cigarette label printing get sufficient development. For example, the red flag canal cigarette label uses miniature characters when designing the sunlight. The sunlight is composed of unconnected "8". The width of the line is continuously widened along the direction of the light.

of course, with the development of cigarette label printing technology, as a special professional anti-counterfeiting technology such as unlocking, filtering, latent image, splitting lines, etc., it will also be more widely used in cigarette label printing.

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