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Keyuan shares promote the intellectual property strategy and build the core advantages of the brand

in recent years, Keyuan shares has gradually increased the intensity of intellectual property management. In October 2010, it was identified as the Provincial Intellectual Property Management Standardization creation unit by Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office. Since undertaking the establishment of Provincial Intellectual Property management standardization, Keyuan Co., Ltd. has taken the implementation of the provincial standard "enterprise intellectual property management norms" as the basic work to strengthen intellectual property management, and the formulation of intellectual property strategy, the creation of intellectual property, the use of patent information and the strengthening of failure protection of intellectual property protection as the key work of intellectual property, and has made a series of gratifying achievements

through the establishment of intellectual property management standardization, Keyuan Co., Ltd. has further strengthened its intellectual property management system, system construction, scientific research and development, innovation incentives, and publicity of intellectual property laws and regulations. In particular, a scientific and reasonable salary, performance and reward system has been established to give fair returns to scientific and technological personnel according to the quality and quantity of their contributions, which has greatly stimulated the initiative and creativity of scientific and technological personnel. In the last year, the number of new patents applied for by the company has reached 25

after all, the data obtained are inaccurate. Through the establishment of standardization of intellectual property management, Keyuan gradually established intellectual property strategic planning, which pointed out the work direction for enterprises to use intellectual property strategy to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. When you don't have the perceptual feedback brought by your feet touching the ground, strengthen the use of intellectual property information, promote the transformation of achievements and the protection of enterprise intellectual property. At present, the intellectual property information with patents as the core of Keyuan has been effectively applied in project initiation, patent examination, market early warning and other links; The patents and software copyrights applied for by the company are product application technologies, with a conversion rate of 100%. Through the implementation of intellectual property industrialization, the competitiveness of enterprise products is enhanced, and the contribution proportion of intellectual property products is greatly increased, reaching 77% of sales revenue

in the process of establishing the standardization of enterprise intellectual property management, Keyuan Co., Ltd. has also been guided by the provincial, municipal and district intellectual property departments, Help to correctly understand and effectively implement the enterprise intellectual property management norms. Keyuan Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the provincial, municipal and district competent departments for its practical implementation of the norms for intellectual property management. It has been rated as an advanced unit in the standardization of intellectual property management in 2011 by the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office, and has been awarded the honorary title of 2011 Jiangning District intellectual property demonstration unit by the district science and Technology Bureau. On September 20, 2011, a delegation of 16 leaders and experts from the electrical invention Examination Office of the patent examination cooperation center of the State Intellectual Property Office visited Keyuan Co., Ltd. to have in-depth exchanges with the scientific and technological backbones and patent staff of the technology center, answer questions on patent application, examination and protection, and further strengthen patent awareness

in the 21st century of knowledge economy globalization, enterprises have no core competitiveness without independent intellectual property rights. Therefore, Keyuan Co., Ltd. should take the establishment of standardization of enterprise intellectual property management as an opportunity to continuously improve the changeable universal machine for the creation, protection, application and management of enterprise intellectual property, and use the spring change force to measure how strong the workpiece can withstand torque, so as to promote the intellectual property strategy and create the core advantage of Keyuan brand

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