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Keyuan Co., Ltd.: innovation breeds opportunities

sciyon is the English name of Nanjing Keyuan Automation Group Co., Ltd. capable of promoting the comprehensive development of children. Starting from manufacturing automation instruments in 1993, and successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March last year, Nanjing Keyuan has gone wider and wider on the road of industrial innovation. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the rise of environmental protection industry, new energy, smart electricity and many other emerging industries will bring new opportunities to Nanjing Keyuan. This is the enlightenment that Keyuan brought to us when we participated in the typical report of innovative enterprises in Nanjing a few days ago

always be a crab eater

at the beginning of the founding of Keyuan company in 1993, it was found that the thermal automation system of domestic power plants was basically dominated by imported brand conventional instruments, with lagging efficiency and high cost. In the process of product development, they soon found that: distributed control system (DCS) can efficiently realize the process. 3. Vanadium consumption: control and management control, which is one of the development directions of thermal automation in the future

since 1995, the first news of Keyuan in China, a DCS integration manufacturer, has been frequently spread: it is the first to adopt the calculation technology of the concentration of air powder mixture in the hot air pulverized coal feeding system; The first one adopts multivariable control technology of deaerator water level and condenser hot well water level; In 1998, Keyuan DCS system successfully tested the water in the DCS project of Nanjing Xiaguan Power Plant. Subsequently, among the power plants in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the market share of Keyuan DCS quickly climbed to more than 50%

with the continuous improvement of the overall automation level of the power industry, what enterprises need is no longer a single product, but to optimize the operation efficiency of the three groups of machines through the integration of a series of software and hardware products and solutions. Xiaochangqing, director of human resources of the group, said. After successively completing the development of power plant informatization, power plant virtual DCS simulation system and power plant advanced control system, the company took the lead in formally proposing a complete solution for thermal automation of thermal power plants nationwide in 2001, and became the only domestic supplier whose product line covers the whole industry

it is understood that at present, Keyuan Co., Ltd. has obtained a total of 10 benefits and 28 software copyrights in the field of thermal automation and power plant informatization. The natus research team of the national invention Institute has been able to develop software that meets the requirements of ordinary maintenance. In recent three years, the gross profit margin of enterprise products has been more than 40%

mystery of leading the market

our company's annual R & D investment reaches 8% - 10% of annual sales revenue. Hu shemei, President of Keyuan, has always adhered to the path of basic research engineering technology enterprise market since she left the school 17 years ago and became an entrepreneur from a university teacher. The company has always maintained close cooperation with many powerful universities in the field of thermal automation in China, such as Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Nanjing University of technology, Nanjing Institute of engineering and so on

while leveraging the industry university research association, Hu Ximei has been building her own R & D team. At the end of September, 2008, the only provincial Thermal Automation Engineering Technology Research Center in Jiangsu Province officially settled in Keyuan. After more than one year of construction, the center now has routine laboratories, simulation laboratories and other R & D test sites, and has established a scientific and systematic development management system and standardized R & D process control procedures in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 and CMMI L3. After the formal establishment of the center, a core development team of more than 150 people will be formed, and the new output value of the achievement transformation will reach more than 300million yuan

it is understood that the R & D team of Keyuan company currently has 120 people, accounting for more than 30% of the total number of employees, and professional technicians account for 80% of the total number of employees

new vitality is injected into emerging industries

in addition to focusing on power plant business and smart electricity, Keyuan has put forward a complete solution of digital sewage treatment plant in recent years to awesome ecological city construction. Recently, the scheme has been successfully put into operation in Nanjing Jiangning airport sewage treatment plant, which also marks the birth of the first fully digital sewage treatment plant in China

according to Fang Zheng, the product director of Keyuan company, Keyuan has used many technologies such as fieldbus, decentralized control, 3D, simulation and optimization control in the sewage treatment plant for the first time. From the control of bottom instruments to the monitoring of real-time data, from management software to simulation training, it has carried out modular design in many aspects, and finally formed three categories of products, including comprehensive application field intelligent testing devices, monitoring and optimization systems, and intelligent decision-making systems

with this scheme, the sewage treatment plant can effectively control the power consumption cost of the plant and reduce the dosing cost under the condition of ensuring that the effluent quality meets the standard. In addition, the program also makes the labor cost efficiency increase by 30% on the current basis. Xiaochangqing said that the company will also develop renewable energy products, nuclear power products and so on. During the year, we will strive to be one of the best in the power automation control system industry. (Jiangsu Economic News: Hong Shuyi, Hou Liming)

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